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8 Golden Keys



I discovered an ancient hidden code within the Runic alphabet. After a long study, I realised a connection to the ancient Egyptian mystery school teachings (runic alphabet migrated to the north via Italy). Ancient alphabets were more pictorial rather than literal alphabets. Each letter or symbol had many layers of meanings, runes have always a lore attached to each glyph. This is similar to hieroglyphs, each hieroglyph had several meanings, an everyday meaning and a spiritual meaning for example. This is the same with runes, they had more common meanings related to everyday language but also more hidden, spiritual meaning. I have re-coded the hidden meaning of the runes to my best abilities and I reveal it here for the first time. 


I believe this ancient mystery school teaching originates all the way from Atlantis via Egypt. From Egypt it was then adopted by Romans and later on slowly migrating to the north and adopted to the Viking lifestyle through their folklore, however based on the same or similar wisdom. 





The eight keys are all linked to the three "brains" we have. The three centres of power, each associated with the body anatomy, are the abdominal (unconscious) brain, the heart-brain and the conscious brain. The unconscious brain is the most powerful of all, the heart-brain as second. However, the heart-brain has the unique ability to connect to dimensions to infinity, to the timeless wisdom of all-that-is. Our conscious brain is also linked to higher dimensions however it can only process one piece of information at a time, unlike the heart-brain that can process all information in the entire Universe at the same time (like a quantum computer). 


Our ability to heal and function at our full capacity requires all these three computers running seamlessly together. This is not usually the case. Our unconscious computer is full of traumas and other junk and the most powerful computer throws the spanner in the works all the time. If that is not enough then our second most powerful computer, the heart, can be full of grief and other painful memories and emotions resulting in less optimal performance. However, even our least powerful computer, the conscious mind, is often ridiculed with non-beneficial though forms and other junk. No wonder our lives are often in misery!



The three lower chakras are linked to the abdominal brain (the unconscious brain). However, each of these lower centres have a command and control relationship with three higher centres. Solar plexus communicates with the Soul Star chakra (God consciousness), sacral chakra communicates with Crown chakra (Gateway to Heaven) and the root chakra communicates with the Mouth of God chakra (Manifestation). 


The heart chakra is connected to everything but itself it is a huge scalar field. It operates in a different way and different direction to the other chakras. The other chakras are aligned with dualism, they operate primarily vertically but the heart chakra operates in all directions. The heart chakra is able to connect directly to God Consciousness and Infinity. The difference to the higher chakras is that only Heart chakra can really exist in those higher dimensions and operates multidimensionally. Our higher chakras access higher dimensions too but just one aspect at a time. The heart contains everything, higher chakras tune into one thing at a time. The heart chakra does link to the mouth of God chakra for communicating information back and forth the help the soul to align with the dream (some people call this reality but I use the word dream as this is a dream). 


The throat chakra and third eye chakras both work closely with the heart chakra but they are more focused on particular functions such as seeing, hearing and expressing. The throat chakra is linked to the crown chakra and to the sacral chakra. The third eye chakra is linked to the Soul Star chakra and the Solar Plexus. 


The higher chakras include the Mouth of God Chakra, Crown Chakra and the Soul Star chakra. All of these higher chakras link us to the higher dimensions and we communicate to our soul and God itself via these chakras. 



All the eight keys are linked to the Chakras. The idea is to liberate one chakra at a time until your entire being is liberated. Once this takes place the ninth chakra then opens also called the "eye of the needle" and we become filled with light. The entire process is non-linear and cannot be controlled. Everything is linked to everything else and once you open one chakra a bit more then another one also opens a bit more. Eventually, you experience more and more energy running in your body and feeling of being lighter. This feeling continues and gradually expands until you can start experiencing real superpowers such as levitation, instant healing, teletransportation etc... 


Each key is a way to unlock the "seal" or "cap" in each chakra once the process of liberation is completed for that Chakra. The process is gradual and we experience a series of mini-awakenings throughout the process. Each persons process is very different but they all have similar moments however sometimes experienced very differently.   



I will reveal the process of unlocking the keys through my webinars due to start late 2019 but only for members of the Love Tribe. 

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