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Clearing Psychic Interference

Releasing any non-beneficial entities, energies or any forms of psychic coercion​


Clearing Interference

There are many types of psychic interference that may cause harm for you. It is not only about Black Magic but interference can also be caused by non-beneficial attachments, cords, negative thought-forms and psychic implants. If interference is detected we will initially determine what type of interference it is and then we proceed to clear it.


Clearing Entities and Black Magic

Yes, Black Magic, Entities, Possessions, Ghosts, Curses they all exist. There are people in this world who focus on this type of magic, but some of the interference is also coming to us from the lower astral levels. When people die, they might get stuck in the astral realm and imagine that’s all there is. Then the astral entities start interfering with our lives as they cannot find anything else to do.

The Good News is that all of it and more can be healed typically in one session. If there is a lot of interference, it might require 2-3 sessions for it all to be fully cleared.

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