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Consciousness Alchemy

Discover Your True Infinite Self

Transform the obstacles that block you from living a joyful life filled with love, happiness and freedom.


View my past public sessions on YouTube and receive energy.  


I run a private monthly circle via Zoom. 


Wanting to get deeper into the mystery? 

You are not a story, you are an eternal presence.


The light is now always with me

After your session, the light is now always with me. I can just close my eyes and bath in it and I feel calm, steady and soft. Thank you so much.

Peter J, London, UK


One of the best healing sessions I have ever had

My session with Lauri was a very powerful experience. I have felt being at a highly elevated state of consciousness which lasted more than a week after. One of the best healing session I have ever had.

Michael C, London, UK


I am so full of Light

I am so full of Light. Truly the best healing I ever had, truly amazing.

Maggie L, London, UK


Powerful healing!

Today I have received a big gift: the most special & powerful healing I ever have had. Thank you!!

Maria M, Glastonbury, UK


I feel incredible!

Immediately after the session, I was totally blissed out. Amazing healing energy, a lot of power, goodness, transformation, love, growth promoting, truly an incredible experience.

Lauri, a week later and I am glowing and feeling more confident and happier than I have in a VERY long time.

T Skiba, San Francisco, USA

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At age 33, Lauri had his first oneness experience with what he refers to as “Oneness”.  This, and many other and life-altering experiences have opened his perceptions, allowing him to see deeply into the nature of life and mankind.

More recently Lauri has discovered an ancient, Atlantean, teaching within a sacred alphabet. This teaching is similar to the Egyptian nine bodies of light. Lauri calls this discovery as the eight golden keys.  

Lauri offers energy transmissions sessions, spiritual healing and counselling and channelling sessions. Most of his sessions are distance sessions but he can be booked to run group sessions anywhere in the world. 

"One of the key questions and key realisations in the path towards full liberation is to understand what is LOVE. 


I have pondered about this in several of my blog articles and you can read them to understand more about my thoughts about it and my unique journey to understand LOVE. Each of us has a different and unique journey to awakening but each journey has some similarities. 

Ultimately I define love now in the following manner:

LOVE is complete freedom from the ILLUSION that seems to occupy us.​"

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