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Life Purpose

Life Purpose Rune Alchemy™ Reading


The Life Purpose reading based on Rune Alchemy™ developed by Lauri Wild is based on analysing your name using the 24 runes from the Runic Wheel of Life. These runes will indicate what you are giving, experiencing or teaching in this life. Each standard rune from the Wheel of Life is connected to 9 Master Runes. The most frequent Master Runes based on your name indicate what you are here to learn or to master.


So this reading gives two outcomes, firstly what are you divinely intended to give or teach in this life (based on our karmic past) and secondly what are you here to learn and to master in this incarnation (our future potential).


Typically only the first and last names are used for the reading (middle names are ignored as they are not in use so much in everyday interactions). If there is a name change due to marriage or other reasons a name change analysis is provided.

Wheel of life indicates what you are here to give (karmic past), the master runes show what you are here to master (our future potential).


The standard set of runes which consist of 24 runes form the Wheel of Life. These are qualities that we express throughout the journey of life on the three dimensional level of existence. Some of those qualities we know better and others we may have energetic blocks with. This is the stuff we inherit from past, good and bad.

The Wheel of Life and the Tarot cards (Major Arcana) have the same origin; both evolved from the Egyptian (originally Atlantean) mystery school teachings. Both the runes and tarot cards originate from Italy, and they spread out to rest of Europe from there.


The extended Northumberland runic set has 33 runes. The number 33 is a powerful master number in itself, but there is another mystical connection to Egypt there. The Egyptians believed we have nine bodies of light. I found out that the additional nine runes link to this knowledge and they also connect to the chakra system.


So the nine additional runes that I call as Master Runes are the nine bodies of light from the Egyptian mystery school teachings. I call these dimensions as they are not just subtle bodies or chakras but something more (although they are connected to the subtle bodies and chakras).

These dimensions are extensions of your self


Each of us, when we incarnate, have lessons to learn. Some people have less to learn, and some have more. The Master Runes (or dimensions) indicate those lessons and where you are with them. Once we clear all lessons (or dimensions), we become liberated.

Your name indicates the resonance of the dimensions you are mastering in this incarnation

Lauri is a master reader with over 15 years of experience in spiritual counselling and hundreds of readings completed for people from all walks of life. He is a gifted psychic providing also Spiritual Counselling alongside with the reading to support you in your journey.


You will receive meaningful, clear and profound insights in a very supportive format.


Life Purpose Rune Readings is a combination reading where I will email you the reading first and then have a 30-minute call with your about it over Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Zoom. See below for a sample written part of the reading. The online session deepens this information further.



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