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Online Group Sessions

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I do two types of online group sessions:

1. Free Weekly Source Energy Livestream

(Public on my YouTube channel)

Register for next Livestream

2. Interactive Group Healing once a month

(Private closed session on Zoom platform)

Register for next Group Healing



1. Free Weekly Source Energy Livestream


(On my YouTube channel)

On these source energy circles, we will always do the Heaven and Earth meditation first (or similar) and then we open the source energy channel together and see where it takes us. Some healing may occur but this session is geared towards experiencing source energy and receiving guidance so it is more journey like experience. 

These meditation circles are free and public on YouTube.
(optional donation welcome but not necessary).

MOST SUNDAYS (aimed for US / EU) at

10am PT (LA), 1pm ET (NYC), 6pm UK (London).

To see the exact time for your location, please register




2. Monthly Interactive Group Healing


(Using ZOOM Platform)

In the Monthly Healing Circle, we focus on each participants issues one by one so this circle is much more intense and focus is on healing rather than just on the source energy. This is also training on the art of healing.

Small donation required.  

Next ZOOM session is on:


The Monthly Healing Circle requires registration.



Past Meditation / Source Energy Circle recordings

You can see past recordings of my online sessions both on YouTube. Future sessions will be broadcast on the same location so you may want to bookmark it or to subscribe to my channel. 






Energy is tingly and palpable—I am swimming in it

Christine E


feeling joyful and happy

Terri K

the energy is incredible. I feel static electricity. My head is both heavy and light at the same time.

Emma D


Energy feels warm, cuddly and blissful

Diana C

Wow…spirals…heat….the vortex.. wow….soooo powerful….grateful…revolution of love !!!!!

Susan T


Wonderful, this is the first time I listened to recording and it is beyond powerful.

Suhail A


Thank you, beautiful, feel lighter

Jessica P


My first time here, thank you for making me feel relaxed x

Michelle B

Thank you this is wonderful x

Lois E

The energy was absolutely beautiful and very strong. Angels were all around us. Great work, God bless you and all who participated. We are Love! We are Light!

Maria U

feeling energised

Sabrina D

So much better…so appreciative of this healing light, you , this goup…pink bubble I’ll carry with me

Susan T

very powerful energies!

Suhail A

Yes I’m feeling pain and anger and fear melting

Jeannie D

The energy is so strong flowing thru me…very powerful

Colleen C

Felt heart chakra opening…bless you.

Jasmine B

Feeling fab. Heat on the crown chakra.

Marie C

Grounding in love, singing in light language.

Melody J

I felt a HUGE release and so much love … I am so grateful for all of the love .. thank you Lauri… family

Diana C

I feel so much energy …

Gabrijela D

Wow, wow and wow! This was the most powerful group session ever with you. It rocked my consciousness and I experienced an out-of-body episode. Unbelievable, my left foot is now much better, it was injured in 2014 and never healed correctly. Last week the pain was excruciating now the pain is gone, the foot is amazingly so much better.… 


Tingling all over..thank you

Sharon L

The energy is very soft and expansive.

Christi B

Feeling lighter and energised and love

Brendan C

thank u, feel electric waves all over

Lina G

You are channelling a lot of love and healing for us

Tomek S

Thank you, Lauri… you area beautiful human. Feeling peace and love in my heart 

Emma D


Strong and deep energy and love and peace flowing through the group and beyond.

Gus M


So grateful for your guiding us to discover ourselves. I really felt the warmth and love when you mentioned that we are now moving to another dimension. It was lovely, and so reassuring

Nancy C




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