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A Wild Hug

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Last year, on my visit to swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii, I spent an afternoon in a very sacred place in the Big Island with some friends. We were guided to sacred navigator stones by a skilled guide. While meditating with the rocks I was merely asking guidance for my life, I was asking for a new direction.

Big Island standing stones, the navigator stones
Big Island standing stones, the navigator stones

After meditating with the stones, we walked towards the seafront. We passed a beautiful tree, and I powerfully connected with that tree and ended up having a conversation with it. The tree told me that its role was to channel the energies of the cosmos and stars to the earth during night time when the stars are more visible. During the daytime the tree was resting and just waiting for the night to arrive. I got really energised by the tree, and then we walked towards another group of trees which we had to pass to go down to the beach. One of the trees then scraped my left arm leaving evident marks on my left arm. To my amazement, the tree had drawn a bind rune (multiple rune symbols drawn together) on my arm.

Communicating with the Cosmic Tree in Hawaii
Communicating with the Cosmic Tree in Hawaii

The bind rune I received, once transliterated into English, is WILD HUG. The tree had undoubtedly given me a hug and a wild one. WILD as a word has a tremendous meaning for me, so the message was received loud and clear.

A few years ago I completed a one-year long shamanic training with Claire Powell in Sussex. In the last weekend, she took us into the Zoo and asked to meditate with the animals living in the cages. Then at the end of the day, Claire simply asked: Are you ready to be WILD or do you prefer the comfort and safety of a cage? This question resonated with me deeply. As I am on a shamanic path wild and wilderness are fundamental aspects of life that I work with. We are all part of nature, we have never left it. We, however, try to isolate ourselves from nature thus disconnecting from the universe and all that is. We should instead work WITH nature and not AGAINST our nature.

We tend to escape to comfortable boxes which we call homes. We tend to lose connection to our real selves and then ultimately with the purpose of our lives. We get depressed and start eating anti-depressants to keep us going so that we do not have to think about the cage we have created for ourselves. The real solution is re-connecting with Nature, in my words going WILD and feeling the calling to be part of the universe. It does not mean being irresponsible as responsibility is an essential part of any spiritual journey. Actually being WILD and connecting with Nature is really taking responsibility for your own journey and the planet to a much deeper level.

WILD as a word reminds me that the entire universe is our home and that the laws in the Universe are not man-made. The laws of the Universe are a WILD HUG. But we do need to walk out of our comfort zones and become alive to be able to discover them. To be alive is a WILD feeling.

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