Ancient Origins of Runes and Tarot

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

My initial connection with the runes took place around 21st December 2012 (read more from here) around the time the Maya calendar had its restart. I had tried to work with runes for three years previously with not much luck. The experience in 2012 triggered a quest in me that has taken several years of journeying and research in trying to understand runes in a much deeper way. This journey has been a real quest both for more profound spiritual insights and personal growth.

As part of my journey with the runes and the Great Spirit, a specific view of cosmology has been emerging seeming to have its roots all the way in Atlantean times. And not just the cosmology but also the whole creation story which is shared sacred knowledge in various mystery school teachings around the world.

Most runologists agree that runes originated from old Italian scripts (they look very similar as you can see from Wikipedia) and were introduced as written alphabet through Germany to Northern parts of Europe after 120 AD. Runes were in active use until Christianisation when most Northern European languages started using Latin-based alphabets. In Sweden, runes were still used in late 1800 in rural areas for calendars and decorations.

The Norse Odin tale talks about the spiritual or magical aspect of the r