Don’t feel you Belong to this Planet? – The Secret of the Universe

We are all in a search for a solution to our life’s problems or solely for universal salvation. We want to feel better. We are hunting for the Secret Recipe for happiness, for wealth, for a successful love relationship or even enjoyable work. However most of us live in a different reality; we often live in troubled relationships with not enough money, and we wonder the meaning of it all. As a result, depression is prevalent in the Western world. Many of us often think the purpose of life, and we can often feel that we don’t belong here. We seem to struggle to find happiness in anything we do.

We do keep asking WHY?! Why cannot I be happy? Why do I have to go into the office which kills my creativity? Why do I have to do this horrible job that I hate? Why am I in this relationship that drains my energy? Why cannot I do what I want to do and get paid for that? Why, why and why?!

The apparent reasons seem to be external. We can believe the story that we live on a planet where the Financial elite has seemingly hijacked our world, and we end up in meaningless jobs working with trivial things. And to add to our frustrations, there seem to be entities from other dimensions interfering with our lives sometimes daily. What a rough life we have here! Help!