Ego’s mirror world

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

We all have had so many conversations about what Ego is and its role in the spiritual awakening process. I have always thought Ego as a separate thing, that “dirty” part of our mind which we need to get rid of somehow. This, however, is not even possible, as I have now realised. It is simply impossible NOT TO have an Ego when we are alive here on this planet, on this dimension as this is the dimension of the Ego.

Quantum physics can prove, that our perceived reality is nothing but a reflection of our observation. We only observe particles when we look into the spinning atoms. Atoms are just waves, probability waves until they are observed. Atoms are really just vortexes of energy rather than anything physical. Once we look into the world, we observe the atoms, as our observation collapses the wave and the wave becomes a particle – but only when observed. This is called the observer effect in quantum physics.

It is the act of collective observation which creates our world. This is the real key to the mystery: the perceived world is nothing but a REFLECTION OF OUR COLLECTIVE OBSERVATION. The observation is done with our mind which is our Ego. So we can say that the world is created by our Ego. Our entire dimension is an illusion which is a result of the separation from our CREATOR – this act of separation created the Ego. The Adam and Eve story in the Bible is a story of separation from the CREATOR. This separation created our physical existence. This physical existence we are in IS THE EGO.