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Ego’s mirror world

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

We all have had so many conversations about what Ego is and its role in the spiritual awakening process. I have always thought Ego as a separate thing, that “dirty” part of our mind which we need to get rid of somehow. This, however, is not even possible, as I have now realised. It is simply impossible NOT TO have an Ego when we are alive here on this planet, on this dimension as this is the dimension of the Ego.

Quantum physics can prove, that our perceived reality is nothing but a reflection of our observation. We only observe particles when we look into the spinning atoms. Atoms are just waves, probability waves until they are observed. Atoms are really just vortexes of energy rather than anything physical. Once we look into the world, we observe the atoms, as our observation collapses the wave and the wave becomes a particle – but only when observed. This is called the observer effect in quantum physics.

It is the act of collective observation which creates our world. This is the real key to the mystery: the perceived world is nothing but a REFLECTION OF OUR COLLECTIVE OBSERVATION. The observation is done with our mind which is our Ego. So we can say that the world is created by our Ego. Our entire dimension is an illusion which is a result of the separation from our CREATOR – this act of separation created the Ego. The Adam and Eve story in the Bible is a story of separation from the CREATOR. This separation created our physical existence. This physical existence we are in IS THE EGO.

In my first ever Ayahuasca journey I saw a vision about this which I only truly understood today and it gave me the impulse to write this blog article. I was really struggling with the medicine drink, as it was my first ever and it was indeed an intense experience. Ayahuasca really pushes your Ego, your mind to its limits. I was in an intense pain and struggling as I was trying to control the journey instead of surrendering to it. This is the main teaching of that medicine. To surrender to what is. I saw a vision where my head (or mind) was in a round room where the walls were covered by mirrors. Whatever the mind was trying to see, it only SAW ITSELF. It could not see anything else. The MIND can only see ITSELF. THE EGO CAN ONLY UNDERSTAND ITSELF.

Everything is a reflection of our observation. EVERYTHING. We simply are inside a mirror world of our Ego. Everything reflects our Ego – WE ARE IN EGOS MIRROR WORLD. To get out, we need to break the mirrors.

The human world is just a DESIRE TO BE AN INDIVIDUAL (SEPARATE FROM THE CREATOR). This is what EGO really means. It is a separation from the ONENESS. This separation then comes with a host of issues, the illusion of negativity, the illusion of space and time and the illusion of life and death.

This same idea is conveyed in one of the Matrix movies (The Matrix Revolutions). Neo is stuck at this train station called Mobil Ave. This is an anagram for Limbo Avenue. Ego is always in a state of Limbo, as it can only perceive itself. The train that arrives is called Loop. This represents the mind (or Ego) which is in a constant loop or circle just repeating itself. This train seems to take some people out of the state of the Limbo but Neo is not allowed. Trinity, using the power of LOVE, is able to rescue Neo from that state of Limbo.

It is only LOVE that allows us to break the mirrors of Ego. But LOVE is so misunderstood. Real LOVE has nothing to do with romantic love or attachments (although we practice understanding real LOVE in romantic relationships). Love is simply a state of harmony where the internal distortions of our Psyche (inner masculine and feminine) have been temporarily dissolved. We are in a perfect state of harmony when we truly experience Love. When we get into that state of Unconditional Love we understand that everything is ONE and that everything is OK.

Back to Ego, the loop of Ego. As my Teacher Abdy says:

All you notice is the circle that you are in. That circle is your Ego.

With our “normal” senses we cannot perceive anything else than our Ego. It is impossible. With our higher senses, we can touch the truth and we can connect with the Source of the creation but our Mind will never understand this or it is even able to describe the journey to the Source. Our Higher Mind can understand it but we rarely can access that higher state once in this dimension.

Our World is simply a construct of the Universal Mind. There is only ONE MIND and this ONE MIND perceives itself in the process we call life. We believe we are individuals, but we really are not. We are just reflections of the Universal Mind looking at itself.

What is the purpose of this? There is no real purpose other than allowing the CHILD to reach the state of GOD. All the reflections or cells of the ONE MIND need to reach the state of liberation for the CHILD to become a GOD. As we are inside this UNIVERSAL MIND or WE ARE THE UNIVERSAL MIND, this MIND is seeking liberation through its cells by experiencing everything there is. Every possibility.

This CHILD is the CHILD of GOD. This concept is greatly expressed in a short YouTube video called The Egg by Andy Weir (video below).

Similarly, in the Holy Trinity, we have the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The Father which really is Father-Mother has given birth to an idea which is the Son or really the Son-Daughter. This Son-Daughter is in a process of becoming a GOD.

We have those three aspects of the creation within ourselves. According to shamanic knowledge and Hawaiian Huna tradition, we have three beings within ourselves. We have the Child (our lower self), we have the Adult (our daily self) and we have the Father (our higher self). The Adult is really experiencing the workings of the Holy Spirit (the “manifestation”) – seeing the MIRROR CONSTRUCT or the PROGRAM. The “Adult” is connected to the Heart and to Infinity. The Higher Mind is connected to the UNIVERSAL MIND or the ARCHITECT – to the ONE MIND. However the mind can also be completely stuck in the MATRIX PROGRAM. The CHILD we all carry is the Son-Daughter that is growing up and we are here to look after our Son-Daughter.

The mind is a construct, as it is a construct it is temporary in its nature and it is not true. It is something that can be altered or changed. But only from a higher consciousness which is TRUE. The mind, which is the program, cannot alter itself. It is like a computer program, it cannot re-program itself. The program can only be altered through the Creator of the program (as any computer Geek would tell you). This Creator is the UNIVERSAL MIND and we can connect to this SOURCE through our HEART experiencing LOVE.

As we know LOVE is the state of HARMONY, it is through this STATE we can alter the PROGRAM. We can alter the program through HARMONY and through the UNIVERSAL MIND. As everything is PERFECT we need to see the “so-called problem” through the EYE OF GOD (the Masons knew this). Once we can see this, we can produce changes in the PROGRAM which appear to be miracles, but they really are just clearings of the DISTORTIONS of TRUTH.

AS A CHILD OF GOD we are growing to become a GOD. We have the ability to CREATE UNIVERSES, to CREATE ANYTHING WE DESIRE but we cannot do this with our MIND. We can do this only realising that we are the CREATOR OF THIS PROGRAM through our HEART and our HIGHER MIND.

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