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Healing without doing (no-mind)

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Bruce Lee’s famous quotation talks about NO-MIND (NO-WAY):

Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation

Initially, it is a bit difficult to understand what it means but let me explain.

Richard Bartlett discussed a lot about this in his Matrix seminars. If we use our conscious mind to make decisions based on the “available information” we are using wrong technology! Our conscious mind is a super low capacity computer, our subconscious mind is the supercomputer you are looking and wanting to use. So if you consciously choose a way to do things, you use a limited capacity computer to solve a complex problem.

NO WAY means accessing the supercomputer through our subconscious mind. Many dowsers use the “dowsing system” to access this supercomputer, however, you do not need a pendulum, your entire being is the pendulum if you train it to be. This is the art of listening to the weak signals. This “art” can also be called intuition, psychic seeing, clairvoyance and many other things. So what we are doing here is ALLOWING rather than CONTROLLING. We access all possibilities and allow our HIGHER SELF to guide us through the FLOW OF LIFE rather (TRUST IS KEY) than making limited decisions based on using a low powered computer (conscious mind). If you would have a choice to use a supercomputer to solve a problem or an 80s Commodore plus with 8 kilobytes of memory, I think you would go for the supercomputer? Right.

To access this supercomputer we must ALLOW and we have to FLOW. We cannot be ATTACHED to a certain OUTCOME. We have to TRUST that our HIGHER SELF already know the best outcome and our conscious mind is just the spectator and not the controller.

This is the NO WAY, simply meaning our conscious mind does not know the way before but we FLOW and EXECUTE our ACTIONS based on our INTUITION. This is how the best choices are made, inventions are created and how martial art champions win. I am sure football players, tennis players any sports superstar can share their skill to just BE and FLOW with the GAME not really knowing what’s the next step. Imagine a tennis player thinking about the approaching ball coming to his way 100 miles an hour, well he would miss the ball instantly. The tennis player has to flow with the game. Body wisdom is the word athletes often use instead of intuition or clairvoyance, however, it is the same thing. Accessing the subconscious mind which is the true supercomputer!

So when I am in front of a client, I have no idea what to do for the first few seconds. Simply having NO WAY as the WAY allows me to receive the WEAK SIGNALS and then I access the SUPERCOMPUTER and STUFF HAPPENS. This was one of the core principles in MATRIX ENERGETICS. Matrix is the art of doing nothing, while everything is achieved. Similar to what Lao Tzu has said:

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished

The end of Bruce Lees quotation means that if we believe we have a limitation (non-beneficial thought-form) we then do have a limitation. Limitations are just thoughts, as nothing is real, letting go of all thoughts or judgements about anything is key to success. This is actually almost the same as the above, as it really speaks about NO-MIND. When we are in the NO-MIND state we are in perfect FLOW and we do not recognise any thought including any thoughts about LIMITATIONS. In this way, we are not limited by anything.

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