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How to activate Kundalini and Shakti energy?

This is a question that has been on my mind and few people keep asking this question from me so I thought to write my latest thoughts about it here.

My latest understanding is that the so-called Kundalini awakening is when the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves merge and the Shakti energy (which resides in the root chakra or end of your spine) is then released.

Some people experience dramatic Kundalini awakening experiences (I had one in 1997) and some experience a gentler process which is then called Kundalini rising. I believe Kundalini awakening is always an iterative process, even if one experiences a dramatic awakening experience. I believe the Shakti energy is always “rising” as we evolve constantly.

What triggers the Kundalini energy? We really do not know but resolving energetic blocks in one’s body does seem to help. My first Kundalini experience took place when I expressed my truth (which was challenging) against my conditioning and then my spine started shaking violently for 5-10 minutes. I believe this was due to certain energetic blocks being released within my energy body which then allowed Kundalini to awaken.

Many people get Kundalini awakenings through Shaktipat by receiving sessions from people like Abdy Electriciteh. Some of my clients have experienced Kundalini energy being awakened in the sessions I do. Shaktipat is the fast path to liberation. The so-called slow path is the traditional path through meditation, yoga and mindfulness, however, this can take lifetimes. We really have to awaken faster on this planet so the fast path is now becoming more widely available to everyone. There are much more teachers who can awaken individuals everywhere on this planet.

How do you know your Kundalini is awakened? Well, I can list few well-known indicators (but there are many more). If one’s Kundalini is awakened one usually experiences some of the following things:

  • Feeling of energy running in the spine. This is a very clear sensation, so if you are in doubt then you do not experience this yet.

  • A feeling of energy running in different parts of the body (typically the energy moves and “works through” different areas of the body)

  • Various sounds in the head and some people experience tinnitus (just tinnitus does not mean you can Kundalini experience, only when it is clearly part of the other symptoms)

  • An elevated feeling and increased psychic abilities.

  • Synchronicity, clairvoyance and other psychic phenomena become part of your daily routine.

  • Feeling of oneness with everything, inner contentment and happiness prevail. Outside things bother less and less.

  • A feeling of not being here but somewhere else (as the energy elevates a larger aspect of our perception takes place from higher dimensions)

  • Random laughter, sadness and other intense emotions emerge suddenly without warning

  • Unable to function normally when the energy gets really intense (one may have to stay in bed for all day at times)

  • Inability to think, feelings of expansion and losing one’s self

  • Feelings of going mad, a feeling of losing it completely

  • Experiencing a total loss of control in life, everything you try just seems to fail (don’t worry it just indicates for you to learn to trust the divine more than your logical mind)

There are much more symptoms, but here are the most common and shared with people who have had conversations with.

I also believe we have three main awakenings (which consists of at least 9 or 24 smaller awakenings) that we have to experience in order to be fully liberated. The more I have decoded the ancient knowledge through the rune alphabet the more insight I get. It seems that once Shakti opens it starts initiating Shiva energy and the combination of Shiva and Shakti (so not just kundalini awakening) is one of the keys to full liberation and ascension. It is an iterative process though, a non-linear experience.

OK to the practical things then. So the question is how do you then increase your Shakti before or after your initial Kundalini experience? Well the key thing for me is to not want it. As if we want it we enter the mirror world of our ego (read my blog article about it) and we just remain in the loop of the ego. So to let go, surrender or as Abdy says ALLOW. This means essentially just to live the life normally.

What I do believe, however, will help is the understanding that the World is a mirror. Every interaction and every “issue” one experiences with one’s partner, family, colleagues etc… are just a reflection of one’s own shadow. By really looking into your own shadow and owning it rather than denying it will help to pinpoint where the energetic blocks are that prevent the energy rising in you. You can then proceed to heal these blocks with a healer or you can do some energy movement techniques such as Yoga, Chi kung or Jason Quitt’s Egyptian Postures of Power. These activities will help you to unlock the energetic knots in your body.

I do NOT believe things like Kundalini Yoga or Kriya Yoga really help. Many people have done Kriya for 30 years and they have not experienced anything. There are some forms of Kriya Yoga which I believe can have a positive influence but as Abdy says, if you do something to get closer to God, it will not take you there. The website of Ennio Nimis is very helpful if you are interested in Kriya Yoga and also I recommend reading the book Kriya Yoga exposed to learn a bit more about the pitfalls of Yoga and also how to avoid them. Some form of Kriya can certainly be helpful but be careful about gurus, as no guru can help you.

However, I do believe gentle Hatha Yoga can help when kundalini is rising. It helps to distribute the energies and open the energetic blocks in the body in a gentle way. Whatever you choose to do, do it for the JOY of doing it, not with a plan to achieve something (this is the trick of the ego which keeps in the Wheel of Life). I do also believe that Yoga Nidra can be helpful too. Yoga Nidra is about the Yogic sleep, and it relates to astral travel and OBE. There are many good Yoga Nidra teachers and recordings available. I use some Yoga Nidra tapes myself.

One thing on this path that I believe is very important is NOT believe what others say. Especially those who have not had a Kundalini experience. Most people are often just in their own “prison” and they do not want you to awaken and they give advice which will not allow you to progress. Peer pressure is one of the strongest prisons on this planet, people want others to behave similarly. Awakening experiences in life often lead completely changing one’s friends. This can actually be a healthy thing to do rather than sticking to relationships that are stagnant energetically. Life is about constant change and allowing the FLOW of life rather than being attached to something or to someone is a right thing to do.

What will help is to take activating sessions from people whose Shakti is strong. You can participate in my free Sunday sessions on Facebook from the comfort of your own sofa or go and meet people like Abdy.

One thing that certainly helps is to move out of the city and live in nature as disconnected from the modern world as possible. This certainly helps. Daily walks in nature and tree hugging is for sure a good thing. Also working with animals and children can be very beneficial as they are more disconnected from the Matrix.

I have also recently re-discovered ancient secrets within the archaic rune alphabet. These secrets tell the story of liberation and awakening and they give lots of guidance about what to do and what not to do. I am currently writing a book about this and when the time is right (possibly before the end of this year) I will start free webinars on this subject.

Another thing that I have noticed that helps me is to meditate with Serpentine Greenstone as it seems to activate my Shakti energy quite a lot. The stones need to be quite large however and natural. I have only found suitable stones from the magical Isle of Iona and from Pelion, Greece – these are not your usual stones from eBay. Not sure if the name serpentine has a connection here or not – it is possible. Something to research in the future.

The ancient shamanic technique of gazing may also be beneficial. I have noticed that especially gazing Sri Yantra sacred geometry does certainly something to the third eye which is a very important chakra for awakening.