Initiation into the Great Mystery

I travelled to Egypt with a group of over 95 souls doing a “past life regression” led by my teacher Abdy through many ancient temples in Egypt, but most importantly we started the journey from the Great Pyramid of Giza located on the outskirts of modern Cairo.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is a spiritual gateway, a true stargate to other places and dimensions. It was designed based on the Atlantean knowledge after the destruction of Atlantis. The Kings of Atlantis fled to Egypt after the great deluge with the aim to rebuild their civilisation. It is interesting that even the Atlantean culture was very advanced and spiritual, it still fell into the shadows of ego. Through misuse of power that continent simply vanished in the great flood. Our western civilisation is based on the same drive, and we are repeating past mistakes. We are running a culture based on “external” values such as money and importance, rather than creating humanity based on the values of love and togetherness. We live in a killers society where the big and fat rat wins, rather than in a lovers society where everyone is cared for regardless of their status.

The memory of Atlantis is intentionally wiped from our history so that the control plan created by those in power would not be exposed. Anyone believing in Atlantis or in spiritual values are most often ridiculed. Spirituality was hijacked intentionally by building organised religion to control our access to the Truth. The Great Ancient Mysteries were revealed to few, as most of the population even at that time was not ready for it. In our time the vibration of the Earth is rapidly increasing so that it is now possible to reveal the Great Mysteries to the broader population.