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Initiation into the Great Mystery

I travelled to Egypt with a group of over 95 souls doing a “past life regression” led by my teacher Abdy through many ancient temples in Egypt, but most importantly we started the journey from the Great Pyramid of Giza located on the outskirts of modern Cairo.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is a spiritual gateway, a true stargate to other places and dimensions. It was designed based on the Atlantean knowledge after the destruction of Atlantis. The Kings of Atlantis fled to Egypt after the great deluge with the aim to rebuild their civilisation. It is interesting that even the Atlantean culture was very advanced and spiritual, it still fell into the shadows of ego. Through misuse of power that continent simply vanished in the great flood. Our western civilisation is based on the same drive, and we are repeating past mistakes. We are running a culture based on “external” values such as money and importance, rather than creating humanity based on the values of love and togetherness. We live in a killers society where the big and fat rat wins, rather than in a lovers society where everyone is cared for regardless of their status.

The memory of Atlantis is intentionally wiped from our history so that the control plan created by those in power would not be exposed. Anyone believing in Atlantis or in spiritual values are most often ridiculed. Spirituality was hijacked intentionally by building organised religion to control our access to the Truth. The Great Ancient Mysteries were revealed to few, as most of the population even at that time was not ready for it. In our time the vibration of the Earth is rapidly increasing so that it is now possible to reveal the Great Mysteries to the broader population.

Anyway, back to our journey in Egypt. On the morning we were leaving to the great pyramid we had a very early wake-up call about 3am as we had to depart our hotel around 4am. We had limited breakfast or a night-snack and we were also instructed not to drink too much as there are no obviously toilets inside the pyramid.

As we approached the pyramid I could feel the energy building up in my body, I could notice a few others connecting with the energy too. I experience the spiritual energy often as a sensation of energetic fire in my spine. Sometimes I feel it more sometimes less. This time the feeling was stronger than usual. I was also full of excitement as I knew we would be undertaking something extraordinary and even life-changing.

The bus stopped at the security gate where the road takes tourists next to the pyramid on the Giza plateau. We had an armed security escort which is nowadays standard for tourist groups in Egypt. We were also accompanied by our guide, who is an established Egyptologist at the Cairo University. He was communicating with the people at the barrier. We had a special private licence to enter the pyramid in the early hours before it was opened for the general public. However, the gate seemed to stay shut, and the clock was already a quarter to five. Our scheduled time started at five am so I felt a bit nervous as I knew our time would be tight at the pyramid due to our group size.

Finally, after a seemingly long wait, the gate was opened, and the bus started moving towards the pyramid. I felt a relief. Excitement and energy started rocketing the closer we got to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Finally, we parked next to the pyramid, and we got out of the buses. We were watching the Eastern sky which was burning red in colour. The sun was about to come up. The feeling was truly amazing. Here we are next to the great pyramid, one of the most significant spiritual gateways on this planet and we are about to have private use of it for a few hours. What could be more exciting?

Soon Abdy would run an initiation session where all of us will be put into the sarcophagus located in the Kings’ chamber one by one. I was getting very excited indeed. We were not allowed to take anything with us, our phones were collected, and we could not even take a water bottle with us just ourselves. Abdy said that you can be thirsty for a few hours. I had told my body early in the morning that it won’t get anything for a while. I was feeling fine. I was initially a bit stressed about leaving my phone behind, but actually, it gave me complete freedom to be just me which felt great. Just me and my body.

Abdy organised us into nine groups with a very commanding voice. He said this is not the usual Abdy, there indeed was a difference in his voice. Nine lines then quickly formed and I was heading the group number four. The excitement was building up with everyone, there were giggles and joyful eyes everywhere, and few of us got already very activated, and some of us had even difficulty walking and had to be supported.

We started moving towards the entrance in a very orderly line. British people would have been very pleased about that, I thought.

There is no door to the pyramid. The entrance is a hole in the wall created by the “grave” robbers who did a forced entry into the pyramid only to find out that there were no valuables inside. Luckily they did their entry near the actual hidden mechanism which was the original way to enter the pyramid, so the damage they did was minor. The original mechanism to open the access to the pyramid was so well hidden that no-one rediscovered it once the knowledge was lost. It is interesting that the knowledge to read hieroglyphs was also lost so much of the Egyptian past is truly “lost”. I knew this trip was about uncovering some of that information, uncovering some of the past secrets.

We started walking towards the pyramid. Once I had gone past the hole on the wall, nearly instantly I had to start climbing up through this very narrow shaft called the ascending passage. Within this passage, one cannot walk upright but has to kind of almost crawl. As I kept moving up, I could feel the pressure building up in my body and the energy was intensifying. Somehow the particular geometry and energy in this shaft did something to my body. I started feeling very anxious, I do not suffer from claustrophobia, but I have suffered from anxiety. The pressure intensified on my chest, and I called for the light of God, and I kept saying to myself that I am love and light. Then a Cobra appeared in my psychic vision in front of me saying: “what are you doing here, you cannot come in!”. Oh my, I thought. I stared into its eyes, and said: “I come in the name of God, I am love and light”. The Cobra did not budge. Then the words “I am redeemed by the light of Christ” came through me. The Cobra magically disappeared. Later on, I found out that my access to the pyramids was “forbidden” due to past karma but at that point, it was dissolved through the light of Christ. That was the reason I could not come to Egypt earlier in my life. It was only now when I was ready to be redeemed as I had now rediscovered the light of the Truth rather than just dwelling in the false light of my ego. I felt a powerful boost in my energy, and I started climbing further and soon then entered the King’s chamber.

The King’s chamber is quite small. It is constructed from plain blocks of stone, and there are no markings or hieroglyphs within. The sarcophagus was towards the back of the chamber and Abdy was next to it. I ended up standing close to the box near Abdy. Abdy did the initiation for his family first, and the energy got much more intense. And then Abdy started initiating all of us, one person at a time.

I noticed a priest next to Abdy who did not belong to our group. He looked nervous. As Abdy kept activating people the priest got more nervous gesturing something to Abdy. Then Abdy hugged him and the priest seemed to relax. It felt like the outside world was still trying to control what we were doing but the energy had decided that we need to do what we need to do and everything was ok.

Shortly after that, it was my time to go into the sarcophagus. I started screaming just from the sense of the energy that went through me. When I was lying down at the floor my body started pulsating rapidly. It felt that it was going to explode or get transported to somewhere else. I felt I was prepared to take off and go into another dimension or location and then Abdy pulled me out of the box. It felt I had been in the box just for 10 seconds but perhaps I was there longer, I felt a slight disappointment as I wanted to stay there longer. I think I was about to take off to Orion, as this is a true stargate and people can be transported to another star system using a pyramid like this. Anyway it was a very powerful experience indeed, just the energy in the Kings chamber when everyone was there being initiated at the same time was super powerful, the energy after the initiation was certainly something else. I was so happy and full of energy even though I did not depart to Orion.

As I was now standing near where people exited the sarcophagus I noticed I started helping people who were initiated and came out of the sarcophagus. Many were shaken and had to be held. Everyone was in an ecstatic condition one way or another. The room was packed, we barely fit in. But everything was perfect, people were having this energetic dance together as Abdy kept initiating people.

Then I zoned out and I was looking at everyone in the room. I was watching everything like in slow motion. The room was dimly lit. I just saw dark faces, people dressed in ancient clothing with very few colours. Everyone was chanting and had their arms raised towards the ceiling. I regressed to an earlier timeline. I saw this same family doing this ritual thousands of years ago. Initially, I figured it would be a few thousand years ago but later on Abdy corrected me that it was 14.000 years ago. That suddenly made sense. I had regressed to that event in one Dolores Cannon style regression a few years earlier and now I am regressing again to the same event perhaps a different version of it. In this event, we are a family and we were working with the energy of the whole planet and the entire civilisation. And we were in multiple nodes of time at the same time 14.000 years ago perhaps 4000 years ago too. We were revisiting the past and restoring the past and the future for the entire humanity. It is like a spiral, one keeps re-visiting a certain node in the Universe until it is completely restored to its original glory. One round at a time. We were doing one more round, perhaps the final round.

I suddenly saw snakes coming towards me from the apex of the pyramid. Two snakes initially. They hit my body and I could feel more was coming into me. I fell down from the energy as I could not hold my posture anymore, I was floored and I was feeling resurrected. I was full of energy. Several people came and helped me, they lifted me up. I was ecstatic, something old was removed and something new emerged. I joined the family energetically again and continued chanting. I was sweating from the heat but this happiness just filled me and I was feeling very elevated indeed. Soon the entire family was initiated and it was time for us to leave the Great Pyramid.

Outside we just marvelled the pyramid, what a fantastic and life changing experience this was indeed. We gave hugs all around and took a group photo. I also asked from out tour guide about the original limescale casing for the pyramid that has he seen any of the parts used in any buildings within Cairo. He indeed had seen one stone inside a private house. It had writing on it, according to our guide the writing was Egyptian hieroglyphs praising the God. This differs from the account I had read from Paul Brunton’s book “A search in secret Egypt” where Paul claimed that people who had seen the original writings on the limescale blocks told them being a language no-one knows. Who knows who is right, without seeing them myself I cannot really tell.

Ancient Egypt is full of fantastic secrets and we were certainly able to unravel a little bit about the secret of the Great Pyramid. It indeed is a stargate originally used to transport people back and forth between different star systems. Although we did not travel to another star system yet, but I believe the time will be soon when we can again do this. Perhaps the hearts of humanity will open and we can live in peace again and we are allowed to discover this lost technology again.