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Isle of Avalon – red and white spring legend

On my recent visit to the Isle of Avalon, I witnessed a very interesting, albeit small, phenomena that is worthy of a quick note. This relates to the two sacred springs present in this magical place. The red spring (Chalice Well) and the white spring (at the base of the Tor) are both very famous and worth spending some time with. However, there is a legend that is less known about them.

We all know about the Eagle and Condor legend which speaks of human societies splitting into two separate paths. One that of the Eagle, and one that of the Condor. The path of the Condor is the path of heart, of intuition, and of the feminine. The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, and of the masculine. This is the birth of dualism when we separated from oneness.

This legend says that the 1490s would begin a 500 year period during which the Eagle people would become so powerful that they would virtually drive the Condor people out of existence. However, during the next 500-year period, beginning in 1990, the potential would arise for the Eagle and the Condor to come together, to fly in the same sky, and to create a new level of consciousness for humanity.

In Glastonbury, the red spring represents the feminine and the white spring represents the masculine. These two springs are next to each other but separated by a road. The legend is that when these two springs are joined again harmony will prevail similar to the Eagle and Condor legend.

It is very interesting that these two springs are separated by man-made constructions. It is indeed a man-made construction which separates us from oneness. The white spring is within an old pump house which nicely contains the spring creating a beautiful cave-like sacred container for the spring allowing the energy to be experienced in a very magical way but it also isolates it from the surrounding area creating separation.

Similarly, the red spring or Chalice Well is really a walled garden, a very beautiful and sacred experience indeed but again it is separated, it is walled.

As I was visiting Glastonbury I first time saw these two springs joining due to blocked drains which were overflowing at the same time both on the red spring and the white spring forcing the water then to flood onto the road and joining them. It was beautiful to see how the waters flooded the man-made road and energised it with sacred water. The joining of waters was not yet permanent but a step towards it.

We are on the road back to oneness, it is about time!

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