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Kuan Yin the Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Kuan Yin became a great inspiration for me on my recent visit to a monastery in Hong Kong. The statue of Kuan Yin is hidden away from the main part of the monastery area but as I had been there before I walked straight towards this area. As I was approaching the statue I noticed few beautiful butterflies playing and they really caught my attention. Beautiful and really large butterflies (wingspan at least 12 cm). When I approached them they started flying around me. It felt like a special welcome blessing.

There is a bench near the statue which is built in front of a small waterfall. The energy in that place is very pure and I can really connect with the qualities of Kuan Yin there. I sat down for a while and felt really recharged. I took out the Stephen Levine’s book “Becoming Kuan Yin: The Evolution of Compassion” and it opened on this chapter which talks about softening the belly. The belly or the abdominal area is the place of our power. I did some hara breathing, connecting with the Mother Earth and the heavens and it helped me to connect to the energy even more deeply.

After that I read this piece from the book again which I want to share with you today:

At the edge of our universe, where fear can harden the body and doubt can turn the heart to stone, we soften the belly so the song may rise. Letting go at the edge of who we imagine we are into what we may be, we dissolve with a shudder and a sigh.

The song she speaks about is the song of our soul. Each of us we have a unique song, the vibrations or the frequencies of our soul blended into a unique song which expresses your power, your true self. By connecting with this true self or with the song of our soul we start the journey of going home. The more we connect with our own source the less we have fears, depression or any negative emotions. The more love will flow through us.

An ego is really just a container for all negativity in most cases. The lesser the ego is the more space there is for the unconditional or universal love to flow through you.

I read yet another chapter from this book and thought this is a very good way to meet Kuan Yin.

Let this body be born Allow awareness to come to the level of sensation Feel the breath breathe itself Breathing in, breathing out Soften the belly with each mindful rising and falling of the abdomen Let the breath breathe itself in soft belly No resistance, no holding anywhere Notice awareness as the light of knowing in the mind and body The light recognises consciousness Letting go into the silence of wordless sensations Nothing to hold to, nothing remains but the sacred emptiness which exudes mercy Letting go is freedom from what we hold to Surrender is victory An unexpected loving-kindness arising I am standing there, pure awareness

Kuan Yin at the 10000 Buddhas Monastery
Kuan Yin at the 10000 Buddhas Monastery

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