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Laws of The Universe and Manifestation

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Ultimately we only have one Law in the Universe which is the Law of One. Everything is One and Everything is formed from the same Source. The Web of life, or The Source Field, is the underlying structure of the Cosmos which connects everything and everyone back to that Source. The phenomena can be seen in Quantum Physics as “spooky action at a distance” which is also called the Quantum Entanglement effect. This simply means that things that are entangled (are in resonance) with each other can instantly communicate over vast distances (faster than the speed of light). This certainly is mind boggling if your mind is based on the Newtonian concept of the Universe, but if you are awakened to the Quantum model of the Universe and understand non-locality, it makes perfect sense. David Bohm, a student of Albert Einstein, did remarkable work in this field and his work is well worth a good read if you want to dig deeper into this fascinating subject.

Individuality is only possible if it unfolds from wholeness. David Bohm.

Quantum Physics and The Law of One seem very distant for our Newtonian mind when one looks at the society as a whole today. The chaos and confusion that prevails around the world do not seem to have any sense of order in it. We are struggling to find any meaning and reason for our existence. Any sense of being One, for example, escapes most people’s minds. When we look into this chaos and suffering from spiritual, religious or even logical point of view, our mind wants to start controlling and creating a structure, which is natural. We create laws for society to function better, we create religious dogma and spiritual systems with the aim to improve human life.

However, the purpose of life is to Awaken us to our immortal nature (as discussed in my earlier blog post). This awakening process does not follow any human-made systems or dogmas as it follows the spiritual evolutionary process which is very hard to understand from a logical point of view. That’s the whole point of it. We would not learn anything if we would understand and know the process.

Many spiritual seekers are being duped to accept systems such as Law of Attraction as a vehicle for improving our lives. We are being told that if we want a new car, we just have to think about it and then it magically appears. This, for sure, is true to a degree. A term Quantum Jump has been coined by Cynthia Larson which refers to the fact that we can create a different version of the apparent reality at will, but only if we are aligned with the Source. The key here is that it is not the Mind alone which has to be aligned, it is the Heart-Mind combination that has to be aligned and emotions and feelings play an essential role in the process. If there are no emotions involved in the process nothing happens.

Then we have our subconscious Mind too. Manifesting more money and/or a perfect relationship without clearing any non-beneficial subconscious beliefs may not be possible as the subconscious beliefs can cancel out any such attempts.

One key here is our connection to the Source and the Coherence of that connection. We are all connected to it, but our subtle energy bodies may be corrupted with emotional trauma energies and non-beneficial thought-forms and other psychic interference which confuse the connection and then our life appears confused.

Coherence is achieved by clearing our subtle energy fields from anything that does not belong there. The state of Coherence can even be measured with the rare Luminator device and other forms of biofeedback. Such devices offer an impression of the future of the medicine. Imagine having such devices used in the NHS or any other National Health Service!

Coherence can also be expressed as Harmony. And it is indeed the Law of Harmony which plays a fundamental role in the entire Universe. The Law of Harmony means that we receive based on what we give – or we receive things that resonate with the SAME frequency that we are on.

Let us take an example to make this a bit clearer:

If we want to receive Love we must give Love without any subconscious expectation to receive it. If we unconditionally give Love out to people – we will automatically get unconditional Love back. But, for example, if we do a favour for our partner and we expect something back then things get out of balance immediately. Apparent external IMBALANCE is a result of an internal imbalance. The 3rd-dimensional reality is just a showroom to demonstrate this for you in a very physical way. This is the ensure that you/we learn as fast as possible.

The Law of Harmony means that we consistently receive based on what we give, or how we resonate, consciously or unconsciously with the entire Universe.

Let us take another example with Money:

If we want to receive lots of Money and we say to the Universe, I need Money; please send me Money. In most cases this request comes from the point of lack – ie. the request is saying really: Dear Universe, I do not have any Money, I have a belief that I really don’t want Money or deserve Money, but really I do not want to change myself or my beliefs, I just want Money, and I want it now.

Of course, with such a request we get more of the same: No Money. This follows the Law of Harmony; you get what you put out there.

The Law of Harmony means that the manifestation of each moment is a perfect mirror of your inner state. By inspecting what you manifest at the moment and truly realising that it is your creation, you start getting in sync with the Universe. Ah-a! I am manifesting a lack of Money instead of more Money, so I need to realise what are the thoughts deep within me that need to be changed, the beliefs in my that need to be changed for me to be more abundant. This is the deep healing work that needs to take place.

By tracking down all of your negative beliefs about yourself, your self-worth, your subconscious attitudes about Money, Love, Relationships, etc… and slowly starting to turn them into positive affirmations or proclamations (as Dov Baron would say) is a step in the right direction.

However, there is more to that, and it is all about intention. Richard Bartlett would comment that intention means being in the “tent” of God. IN–TENT-ion. The intention means the act of being aligned with the Source. We also have to realise that we are just vessels of expression for God and it is not about our individual desires that matter, but what matters is that we become part of that flow of God Force. This is the same Force that the Star Wars movies talk about.

When we are aligned with the FLOW, and our INTENTION is to be aligned with the GOD FORCE, we create our HIGHEST GOOD every moment. The funny thing here is that we create our highest good every moment anyway. But if we want a LESS DISTORTED version of the HIGHEST GOOD and we decide to sit in the TENT OF GOD instead of in the TENT OF OUR FALSE SELF we are starting to get somewhere!

Our highest self knows our deepest desires at every moment. There is NO NEED to set specific intentions; it is sufficient just to intent to be aligned with your GOD SELF and remember to BREATHE.

Once we are in HARMONY with our GOD SELF, we will in each moment manifest a non-distorted version of our deepest desires, and we will receive from the Universe everything we desire. But until that, we receive something else. And that is also perfect.

This only means that you put out your best effort on whatever you do. Whatever is your situation or condition, doing what you CAN do in a way that is the best you can do every day starts nudging your reality towards a more desired outcome.

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