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Life as a Teacher (Samsara)

In spiritual circles, the famous saying goes that the Teacher will turn up when the Student is ready. Perhaps so but we don’t have to wait as we receive teaching all the time through our daily life. We are already with the great Teacher. We might indeed get support from other invisible teachers but while we wait that to happen its best to start learning how to get guidance from life itself. No need to go anywhere or pay anyone or wait. Just start feeling and sensing your reactions to life.

Anything that you experience, you have created and experiencing life is the best teacher around – this is the whole purpose of Samsara. Most human teachers are limited and often even quite misguided. Teachings may originate from ego rather than from spirit. Ego-based teachings are always limited – they create a feeling of restriction or control. If you feel restricted the teaching is not of light and certainly not right. It’s as simple as that. If it feels wrong, it certainly is! Teaching that is based on love is expansive, supportive and calming. It feels right.

However, if you are afraid of yourself this might cause avoidance of love. The actual fact of having to face the creation may feel overwhelming and it may not feel “right” but deep inside you know its “right”. So the feeling of righteousness maybe hidden behind layers of avoidance. This is the tricky bit.

As we are all made in the image of God, we are all connected to the God field, the God force or simply to God. We are all one, God experiencing itself. The illusion of separation or “Maya” may create fear and this fear creates the ego. We are here to learn love and love is God. We are God. We are love. The “Maya” is the school to release ego and it is designed for you to realise that you are light and love and it allows you to be filled with light once you get awakened.

Fear stems from the sense of separation. Fear may feel “right” as a form of escaping the truth. So this can be tricky. But once you connect with love it all becomes clear. You may need to shed several layers of incorrect information or thought forms until you reach love. This is another tricky bit.

You reach love by realizing that we are not separate, that all creation is just made in the image of God and accepting that this is the creation you connect with your own divine self, your own connection with God.

By accepting what is, you become a creator. By rejecting what is, you become a slave.

The western world is intentionally created to cause a sense of separation so that you are more easily controlled. Spiritual awakening is the fact that you realize “Maya” is the illusion and that it is just that – an illusion. Ignorance is to live in the world as it is without questioning it. If you are ignorant, you are not alive. Ignorance is avoidance based on fear. If you are reading this you are seeking for the light and that light is your compass. There is no other real compass than the inner light.

Life is the best teacher and that’s why we signed up to be born here. You have chosen to grow through life’s experiences. To do that we need to really take responsibility. The journey is the vehicle to grow, to feel, to practice, to reflect and to let go.

The universal Law simply is that like attracts like and whatever you resonate with you create. If you resonate fear (you are afraid) you start creating the conditions for you to experience that fear ad infinitum until you learn and change your resonance pattern. There is no escaping this Law. That’s why we experience similar patterns repeating themselves in the life – and they will repeat until we learn until we change. Most people, unfortunately, don’t do this and life does not get fully utilized. We keep changing our partners, our jobs, our locations but the core issues keep repeating themselves until we clear them. In this life or in next we must face the truth.

Simply by observing without reacting what you have created and accepting and loving it will get closer to the truth. To surrender to the creation – to the grand teacher.

Anything you experience is a direct result of your thoughts, feelings and desires. You may not like what you have created and that’s exactly the learning point here. Stop judging what you have created and start accepting and surrendering it. Once you start liking what you have created, you realize your power as a creator.

Observe the feelings, the resonance within your body as you accept where you are. Those feeling resonances are the vibrational patterns that seek attention. We often block that as we have not learnt to deal with it. We call it fear or emotions, but it really is just a strong resonance with something, its an indication, a call to action! Rather than block fear or emotions, we should let it shake itself out and express it. Seek for its transformation. Seek nothing less than Transformation and Miracles!

All non-beneficial energies, feelings, emotions can be released. Usually, there is a trauma behind that has locked that energy. Once you let that vibration to release the trauma, the energy gets unlocked the issues will get resolved. Expressing this stuff is vital. Then seeking and asking for help for completing the healing. Our systems will self-heal once the block is released. The help we need is to identify those blocks and then get those released. Pay attention to the feelings in your body, especially those which keep repeating and start working with those first.

This is the water initiation. To start flowing like water instead of being stuck! Feelings flow, emotions are stuckness.

All non-beneficial thought forms can also be released but the process there is different. It is more an act of letting go and becoming more empty. It is about needs and desires. It is about letting go of your needs and thoughts. It is about letting go. To take dominion is to let go of the importance of earthly matters. Ego is not important. Ego wants to be important. Your higher self is you. It does not want to be you, it IS you and it is only present if it’s feeling respected, in peace and accepted. If Ego wants the stay in control your higher self lets it be, that’s the action we are here to deal with. Letting go of that control!

This is the wind initiation. To start blowing like a storm and creating the empty stillness inside, the heart of the storm is completely silent. Leaving the mind behind. Going through the eye of the needle.

Once you start mastering your feelings and thoughts (water and wind) you are well into discovering yourself, well into being awakened with the great teacher, the life itself.

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