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Manifestation magic

I recently re-visited the Findhorn Community and I was able to connect more deeply with the energies of manifestation.

Manifestation, I believe, requires an empty mind. The Universe cannot send anything to your direction that you really wish if you have polluted your mind with worries, anxiety or fears of all sorts. A mind which is occupied by any non-beneficial thought forms will not manifest your deepest desires for you as it is busy up-keeping the current drama you have created.

Our current lives are typically a result of "lack" consciousness where we believe we are always in a constant mode of lack. As long as we have any non-beneficial thought forms such as "lack" we will always manifest more of the same however hard we try.

Manifestation is not about starting to negate your negative thoughts. This would be an uphill battle. It is more about creating an empty mind through silence. Once the mind is empty you can then send a clear intention about your desires to the Universe with a vision that you already have it loaded with happiness. Then just forget about it. That’s all.

To be able to be empty may require investing some time in personal and spiritual development.

Some good guidelines to follow are:

Realising that external stuff is just a reflection of your inner state. Once you change your inner state the external stuff changes without any effort.

Accepting life as it is. It does not require changing. Through this acceptance a change is possible but without accepting your present situation you will not be able to come out of it. If you fight against the current situation you essentially order more of the same from the Universe. Accepting external situation means you accept yourself and love yourself.

Not getting attached with results. You will actually get results when you are not attached to them.

Accepting that you really do not require any stuff to make you happy as the happiness comes from inside. You can have stuff but you do not really need it to make you happy. Once you do not need something then you can manifest it. As if you feel you need something you send an energy of lack around and you just manifest more of what you already have. If you realise you do not need anything to make you happy you can then send an intention around through happiness to full fill your desire as the energy of lack is not connected with it any more. This will get you closer to your dream.

Spending more time alone and in silence, and in Nature.

Trusting inner knowing, intuition for decision making.

Healing your past.

Once you learn to become more empty, you will start having more fun as the mind is less preoccupied about all sorts of limitations and you allow the Universe to work its magic on you. By dropping out all logical plans you can actually achieve what you really want. By connecting with your heart and its desires and having more fun will allow you to become more childlike and connect more with yourself.

By dropping out logical plans does not mean you do not have dreams and visions. But you leave the logical planning for the Universe and just focus on dreaming and being empty and having fun. This way the Universe will have a channel through you to express itself and then the manifestation will actually take place.

It is very important to disconnect from the everyday rat-race and from mainstream news and start thinking differently. All geniuses have thought differently to their peers. Walking your own path is vital in emptying your mind. If you let the opinions of others influence you it will actually make you manifest for them rather than for you. Having a clear personal vision and being assertive with the opinions of others but at the same time remaining in your own truth will be important.

A full mind will not manifest. An empty mind will allow the Universe to work through you its Magic. This is also the fundamental teaching of Eileen Caddy whose inner voice led to the creation of the Findhorn Community.

Go be happy and be empty. Become filled with the Universe which is the most magical and WILD feeling ever.

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