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My Initiation to Ancient Rune Wisdom

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Runes did not initially mean much to me. I was more in favour of the Chinese I Ching Oracle and the Tarot cards which I used more regularly. I had been given rune sets as a gift and I did read the guidebook that came with the set but really it did not resonate with me. I just remember staring at the runes and then reading the text and it felt meaningless to me unlike the I Ching which I resonated with. Something was not right with Runes I thought. So I did not pursue them further at that time. Little did I know!

Few years went by and I joined Claire Powell’s Shamanic Practitioner training. Claire is such an amazing Medicine Woman her smile and laughter always connects me with the ultimate source of everything. As part of that training, Runes were introduced to us too. Runes I thought, maybe I need to look into them again? I started reading all books about Runes I could get hold of. I remember reading about 8 to 10 books and I felt even more confused. We made our own Rune sets as part of Claire’s training and that felt good. I could start feeling a connection with the Runes but the meanings and interpretations did not yet come to me. I could see that there was something there but I was utterly confused. Claire’s wonderful training came to an end and I continued then with the Call of Shaman training led by Jay and Kestrel in Glastonbury. This 2-year training was another powerful experience which is highly recommended to anyone interested in connecting with Nature, the healer in you and Shamanic knowledge in general. As part of year one, we got an introduction to the Runes and I again got a bit deeper with them but still, I really did not get the Runes or their meanings. I did resonate with them but I did not yet understand them. I was not yet in a position to do readings.

Then came 21st December 2012. The Maya calendar restart which would start a new World Age, the fifth World Age which is another 5125 years long cycle called the 14th Baktun. Mayans had a fantastic knowledge of the Universe which culminated in the creation of a better calendar system we have currently in use. As part of the Jay and Kestrel’s training, we had to spend 24 hours in Nature in silence and I had selected to stay out the night before 21st to really get into the mood for the beginning of the fifth World Age. I stayed in the woods of Compton Dundon, more accurately at the Dundon Beacon which is an old Sacred site. Although it was not full moon I remember the moonlight being very bright at times when it was not raining. It was muddy and cold however and windy. I was wet. Crows were gathering around the trees I was meditating with. I listened to crows calling for hours. The wind was howling. And then it rained more and more. It was a very long night in the darkness. Clouds were thick and the moonlight was sometimes visible but it was mostly raining. I smoked legal herbal smokes and meditated with my crystal skull. My drum got completely soaked and did not play anymore. At some point, I did fell asleep.

The morning was beautiful. No more rain and crows were gone. I guess its always darkest before the sunset. I drove with my car back to Glastonbury and walked up to the Tor. It was 10am and I suddenly started feeling it. I felt like a massive download of information was coming to me. Pure love streaming into my heart while I was walking towards the Tor. I remember calling a Shamanic friend with my mobile asking if she can feel the same. She could, she told me that last night she had received a message to get all her crystals out for the night. Luckily I had done the same. Wow, those crystals were transformed!

I was up at the Tor around 11am. There was a large crowd of people all smiling and celebrating. I watched the Sun. It had changed, it felt re-born. I could feel a new download of information coming from the Sun. It felt as unconditional love. I was ecstatic. I was filled with Joy. I then got the information that it is all about initiating the Heart and the Sun. I realised that the Mayans really knew the cycles perfectly. Unbelievable really.

Glastonbury Tor 21st December 2012 about 11am
Glastonbury Tor 21st December 2012 about 11am

Later on, I drove home and had a nap on the couch at home. Then, a bit later, I had a vision that the Runes or Runic symbols flew inside my mind through my crown chakra. There were much more symbols than in a standard set, some of the symbols were totally unknown to me and some more familiar. I was filled with information and knowledge relating to the Runes. I immediately sat down and wrote a brief meaning of each of the 24 Runes down as a story. Not with the traditional meanings or the meanings I was given in the various teachings but through a story of creation. I received information also about sacred geometry in relation to the Runes. I was stunned, I suddenly connected with the Runes.

My runes
My runes

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