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My Initiation to Standing People

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Standing People, or simply trees, are the spiritual guardians of this planet. We live in a symbiotic relationship with trees and certainly we would not be able to survive without them. However humanity in general sees trees typically just as raw material and much less as a spiritual beings and even less as a guardians of this wonderful planet. This all needs to change if we wish to evolve further.

My initiation to Standing People happened in the Findhorn Foundation several years back. I was participating in a week-long programme called Spiritual Practise where we spent one afternoon meditating with trees in a beautiful garden. After the meditation everyone shared beautiful stories about what they had received from the particular tree they had attuned to, except me. I simply had received nothing. I was quite down about this on that particular day as I had felt trees being important to me before and certainly felt their presence. But I had not received really anything, at least that’s what I thought.

The next day we spent in silence, working in various work departments. I was first preparing salads in the Cluny Kitchen on that day. Working silently was a slight challenge in the fast-paced kitchen department but I ended up doing a lot of pot wash which felt right and allowed me to be in silence on my own. Once the day was finished I slept really well. The next morning I still remained silent for some time. Being silent felt really good and it certainly helped to slow down my busy mind. I did not feel the urge to rush into things any more and just gently let things happen to me. The silence allowed me to be more in the now.

At lunchtime, I stopped my silence and started talking as I sat outside with a group of friends eating. Food tasted excellent and the joy of life started returning to me through the conversation we were having. I was happily chatting about aliens and other interesting metaphysical stuff and then suddenly something hit my crown chakra at the energetic level. It was the most unusual experience, it felt like a jolt of electricity in my energy body. I then turned around and then I saw the spirit of the wonderful double Beech tree located in the middle of the Cluny gardens calling me. It was quite an experience. I could feel the tree “talking” to me and then I went and hugged it. A huge amount of unconditional love poured through me from the tree and I was in heaven. My eyes were completely lit after this experience and I felt thoroughly moved.

I was a slow learner but when the communication started happening, it was certainly happening in a way which I would never forget. My mind had just been on an overdrive on the day we were out with the trees and it did not let the communication to take place at a conscious level. When I slowed my mind down by being silent I started realising that many trees are actually very keen to communicate. Not all of them, however. Trees are like people, some are more chatty and loving and some are more distant and silent.

This experience certainly opened my communication with the Standing People, or Dryads as Dusty Miller calls them. I can now feel their energies very clearly and can tune into their mood and ask for help. Anyone can really do it if the mind is slowed down and respect is shown to the Standing People. We do need to work more in harmony with the trees on this planet. They are here to help us, but they only help if asked and respected.

It was only my later visit to Findhorn earlier this year when I learned that the Beech Tree room which I have always liked a lot is covered in Beech tree shavings – used as a wallpaper. This creates a powerful link with the Beech tree in the Garden and it certainly helps to facilitate the Experience Week groups sitting in that room nearly every week throughout the year. This is a good example of the invisible powers of Standing People and the very reason why I like that room so much. It is truly a magical room.

There is so much more to trees than meets the eye. Approach them gently and ask their permission to come closer. Then if it feels right, but only if it feels right, approach the tree and sit by it, hug it or lean your back onto it. Do not try to do anything but just enjoy its presence and feel its energy flowing through you. It is like having a cup of tea with a good friend, sometimes just sitting in silence and sometimes smiling and laughing a lot.

Double Beech tree on Cluny Hill garden
Double Beech tree on Cluny Hill garden

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