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Roundway Hill Crop Circle

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

It was 29th July evening and I was relaxing at home. Suddenly the word “Crop Circle” appeared in my mind and I decided to have a look on Crop Circle Connector website for the latest formations. I found that on that day there was one formation near Wiltshire but it did not resonate with me much. I wished that I would really see an exciting one, something really cool and somehow useful. I hoped for a real message from friends in outer space. With that thought, I went to bed and slept.

The next day, about lunchtime, I checked Crop Circle connector again and to my surprise, there was a new formation reported on that morning which was very unusual. I was electrified. The formation looked different, my first impression was not that excited it looked like just a few lines on the crops. Anyway, I felt it was really important to visit that site so off I went and started driving towards Devizes.

As I got close to the site I saw the Roundway Hill and I started feeling very weird, I felt the presence of another, alien civilisation. Something is definitely going on here I thought – a very eerie feeling hit my entire body. As I was driving even closer the small chakras in the palms of my hand opened up fully and I started being really excited. My mind expanded.

When I arrived near the site I felt that the time stopped. I stopped the car and turned the engine off. I felt really calm and energized. I felt clearly the presence of another intelligence and when I closed my eyes I saw another planet. A barren, Mars-like planet (but not Mars) which inhabited beings of light. These beings engineer with light using love as their only tool. I felt clearly that their message was very friendly (and it was the international friendship day interestingly on that day!). I felt really good. A postcard from our friends far away. Wow.

Roundway Hill Crop Circle
Roundway Hill Crop Circle

As it appeared next to the Millennium White Horse it reminded me too of George Van Tassels book “Into this World and Out Again (1956)” where he mentions that “The white horse indicates a white craft coming out of heaven with power”. Van Tassel was the original Space channeller and his books are worth a read. You can find most of them in Scribd. Perhaps our friends wanted us to read more Von Tassel?

The video below made by Matthew Williams is an excellent production transmitting well the energy I felt on the day. There are many interpretations what this formation might mean on the Crop Circle Connector website but for me, the most important aspect of it is the feeling of connection. Even the military plane which did fly over the formation did not disturb my inner peace. We simply are not alone.

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