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The Eights Seals and Gateway to Heaven

The Bible talks about seven seals in the Book of Revelation. We have eight or actually nine seals in our energetic body, these are also called Chakras (the main ones). They really are vortexes of energy, formed by our consciousness, that lock us into the karmic wheel of life until we get liberated either in this lifetime or in another incarnation.

The Book of Revelation talks about the second coming of Jesus. This really means each of us finally connecting with the Divine Light of Christ within as we all liberate ourselves from Samsara. So the second coming means that we all are being awakened simultaneously. And the apocalypse part in the same Book simply means the end of the World as we experience it today. The apocalypse is our transition to the 5th dimensional World as we leave the three-dimensional World behind. The society as we know it will transform and the old World is left behind. It certainly is the death of society as we know it today. At the same time, it is the birth of a World emerging from pure Love rather than a world controlled by ego-maniacs.

The Book of Revelation talks also correctly that until the person is “worthy”, the “scroll” is guarded by seven seals, and it cannot be opened. The word “worthy” here means the moment of awakening when one is finally ready to release the Karmic ties to the Earthly existence. No external judge is deciding your worthiness; the judge is you and you alone. And the “scroll” is the Word of God meaning that you are in direct contact with the Source. It means that you receive God’s wisdom and life force directly without any interference. Currently, as many of us are confined to the Earth through the Karmic Wheel, we do not receive Source Energy in its pure form, but we receive it only partially until we are fully liberated.

Liberation means that one experiences Samadhi which is the final union of Shiva and Shakti energies within one’s energetic body and this unification of the Yin and Yang energies is the ultimate stage of spiritual development on the Earth plane. This grand awakening is also called as the Divine or Sacred Marriage, and it liberates your kundalini energy and fills you with pure light from within.

One can have Samadhi experiences that are partial as a preparation for the final liberation; these can be extended feelings of bliss, deep peace or joy or a sense of being one with everything there is.

During the final liberation experience, you merge entirely with your divine self, and all earthly distortions and karma will dissolve. The work continues after Samadhi, but it is the last awakening on this level of existence. More and more people achieve Samadhi as the spiritual evolution on our entire planet is being accelerated because we are at the beginning of a new World Age, where everything vibrates at a faster and higher rate. When more and more people achieve Samadhi, it then becomes easier for all of us to achieve it. We live in very exciting times indeed.

Interestingly, if we look this from the Runic angle, the last rune, GAR, is the 9th Seal. It breaks when all other seals are broken. GAR traditionally means War, and if you look into the geometry the symbol is indeed War like and it certainly also looks like an unyielding seal. It is essentially a very strong cross. When the 9th seal has not yet been broken, we experience constant wars on this planet, but when it is finally broken on a planetary scale, we will experience permanent peace and heaven on Earth. That will be the end of all wars.

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