The Eye of God

Our eyes are the gateways to our soul and beyond. There is nothing in our human body which is as potent and powerful than our eyes including the third eye and its connection to the pineal and pituitary glands. As we know, the pineal gland and the secret Mouth of God chakra, located at the back of the head, are gateways to God consciousness along with the Crown chakra and other higher chakras. This God consciousness, when we connect with it, creates oneness experience and a state of bliss. When we connect to the God consciousness we truly start seeing as we see things through the eyes of God.

When we look into each other eyes for a longer period of time, the other person’s identity starts fading away the only thing left is this feeling of presence and connection. When we look into each other eyes, we look into our souls, and we touch the God within.

But who is actually looking?


This question certainly stirs the innermost within us. We have always desired to gain more insight into our creator, to learn more about how we have been created and who we are. The