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The Eye of God

Our eyes are the gateways to our soul and beyond. There is nothing in our human body which is as potent and powerful than our eyes including the third eye and its connection to the pineal and pituitary glands. As we know, the pineal gland and the secret Mouth of God chakra, located at the back of the head, are gateways to God consciousness along with the Crown chakra and other higher chakras. This God consciousness, when we connect with it, creates oneness experience and a state of bliss. When we connect to the God consciousness we truly start seeing as we see things through the eyes of God.

When we look into each other eyes for a longer period of time, the other person’s identity starts fading away the only thing left is this feeling of presence and connection. When we look into each other eyes, we look into our souls, and we touch the God within.

But who is actually looking?


This question certainly stirs the innermost within us. We have always desired to gain more insight into our creator, to learn more about how we have been created and who we are. The Eye is calling you to engage with a deep spiritual conversation. Artists and other people working with sacred imagery have been very knowledgeable about this. Just the age of some of the symbols are astounding. The Eye of Horus, or Wedjat which is one of the symbols, is as old as hieroglyphics and perhaps even older.

Wedjat is known as a symbol of protection, power and health. The origin of this symbol may be in the mythical battle between Seth and Horus where Horus is have said to have lost his left eye. However, the Eye was restored possibly by Thoth. When Horus's eye was recovered, he offered it to his father, Osiris, in hopes of reviving his life. The Eye of Horus was after that used to symbolise healing, restoration, and protection from evil.

Eye of Horus and Eye or Ra
Eye of Horus and Eye or Ra

In the above photo both the left and right Eyes of Horus are being displayed along with the Eye of Ra in the middle (the sun disk). In addition to that we get the seven rays of light that activate the light bodies in the person below. This image is the representation of person migrating from his physical body to higher dimensions through "afterlife". The boat is the symbol for ferrying away from the mundane life to a celestial life.

It is interesting that the Eye of Horus symbol is usually used only with one eye, mostly the right eye. The right eye is linked to our masculinity and to the sun. However, in the battle, Horus is said to lose his left eye which relates to the moon instead and generally considered to symbolise the female energy. However, in ancient Egyptian beliefs moon was also controlled by a god, not goddess so in their views, the moon was not feminine. I view the moon as feminine as many spiritual systems do.

Whatever you think about that I do believe that the balance between the sun and the moon is significant here. We need both the right eye and the left eye to achieve balance.

It is intriguing that already the ancient Egyptian gods were battling about removing the feminine power (left eye) from the equation and just focusing on the masculine energy. This has been the major issue in the past thousands of years for the human civilisation - we have been nearly destroyed by the imbalance caused by disharmony between the female and male energies. Unfortunately, it all started from Atlantis (which also was a masculine civilisation), and these thoughts migrated to Egypt that became the ancient basis of our current society and belief systems.

I believe the above illustration displays the ideal situation. We have the Eye of Ra in the middle, where the third eye is. This symbolises the higher Eye of God which is not split (it is non-dualistic), it is in complete oneness and harmony. Then we have the "lower" Eyes of God, the Eyes of Horus. This relates to the level of dualism, when we have left and right, male and female. Our third eye connects us to the higher dimensions and our physical eyes connect us to the lower realms. The perfect functioning of the third eye is critical for a balanced and harmonious life. We open to the light of God and we let that light to shine through our Eyes. This is really the purpose of life at a very high level.

If we look into the other symbols for Eye of God such as the Eye of Providence which is a much more modern addition we do notice some differences.

Eye of Providence
Eye of Providence

We only have one eye here which looks like a human eye, so it is a dualistic eye. The pupil is also not fully displayed, the eye looks tired or exhausted. The Eye of Ra does not look like a human eye, it is just the disc of the sun, the source of light and illumination. And again we only have one eye, so it is in imbalance. This again highlights the male, female imbalance so prominent in our society. As the origin of this symbol comes from Masons it obviously highlights the masculine aspect of God as Masons were a very masculine secret society. Some say this symbol was Christian initially but I doubt about it. Why would Christians display pagan symbolism such as pyramids in their visuals? It obviously has its origins in Egypt and this leads us to Masons as they did know the secrets of the universe earlier, being master builders. Unfortunately this knowledge is now lost, at least from the "common" view. There were many Masons founding the United States so it would clearly explain why Masonic symbolism is visible not only in the one dollar note but also on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.

The Eye of Providence connects us to the Light of God, but to my opinion it is imbalanced and the energy in this symbol is also corrupted. So I would not use this symbol.

Hamsa, Hand of God with the Eye of God
Hamsa, Hand of God with the Eye of God

The Hamsa Hand, which is also called Fatima Hand, is an ancient Middle Eastern symbol for the Hand of God. It is often pictured with the Eye of God in middle of the palm (where the palm chakra is which is linked to the heart chakra), and this is one of the reasons I include it in this article. Hamsa is another potent symbol for protection, health and good fortune. The significant function of Hamsa is protection from all evil which is the same as with the Eye of Horus. However, I believe the Hand of God, combined with the Eye of God is a much more powerful symbol of protection than the Eye of Horus alone.

I had a compelling vision recently where God gave me the Hamsa hand. The Eye of God was also with the hand of God (but not in the usual position) and the entire symbol, the hand and the eye, activated something in me. I do believe in the power of Hamsa after this powerful experience, but only if one is initiated to it. I believe that another human cannot give a spiritual initiation through will, it is given to you by higher forces when you are ready for it. It does sometimes happen through another person but this person is not commanding this activity. The initiation happens through mystical visions or dreams when one is ready.

The current world age is the age of the feminine and the masculine fusing together, not just for sexual pleasure but for a higher union. This higher union is the sacred marriage that awakens one's consciousness and starts seeding the new unity consciousness. This new unity consciousness is based on harmony, love and acceptance what is rather than chaos, hatred and control that are the core motivations on our current patriarchal society. Luckily our society is slowly being transformed through our hearts which are being awakened now everywhere. This awakening process also will activate our kundalini energy and empower us from within. We are entering the age of kundalini where each of us will be awakened to higher consciousness through the union of feminine and masculine.

In this new era, our third eye will be fully open and activated. Our intuitive or psychic abilities will be considered normal as we can see things without physical eyes. Lying becomes impossible and everyone has to finally abide by the truth rather than by the lies most of humanity has to live by currently.

This process is the result of the sacred marriage and us restoring the Divine Mother energy within and merging that with the Divine Father energy (rather than them fighting like in the current model). This alchemical reaction then awakens our Kundalini and liberates our hidden lifeforce. Then our connection to God is opened and we know the truth and we will start seeing life through the Eyes of God.

When we experience something like that we become more detached from our human bodies and our human eyes. We realise that we are one with everything and that there is nothing external to us. We start merging with everything there is and our vibrational frequency starts increasing. Our bodies will become lighter and eventually, after many lifetimes, we will become light and this process is the true process of enlightenment.

Alex Gray painting "Collective Vision". Copyright by Alex Gray.
Alex Gray painting "Collective Vision". Copyright by Alex Gray.