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The GAR Rune and The Fabric of Space-Time

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

On my recent visit to the Rosslyn Chapel, I noticed that the Gar rune, however small, is carved twice in the wooden ornament decorating the chapel organ. Although there are no stone rune carvings in the building the presence of this rune is still interesting.

The Gar rune is part of an extension to the Anglo-Saxon rune set. The Anglo-Saxon runes were in use in England until about the year 1000 when romanisation took place and the ancient alphabet was replaced by more sterile latin based letters.

Runes, like hieroglyphs, were stories rather than just letters. Their meaning was always multilayered. Rune is a lore - it is a story but it also is a sound, the sound of a creation. Runes are also used as letters but their deeper meaning is a much more complicated issue.

The Gar rune is from the 33 rune Northumbrian set. The Northumbrian runes add four more runes to the Anglo-Saxon set making the total of 33 runes. Gar is the last rune. There is not much-written information available about the Gar rune but just the number 33 is a magical and sacred number and that already gives an indication about its meaning.

Based on the Web of Wyrd or Web of Life sacred geometry we notice that the shape of the Gar rune gives it a fundamental position on the Web of Wyrd. It is the central rune, and it does not belong to the other sequences.

The traditional meaning for Gar is a spear, referring to Odin’s spear. Some believe it refers to the World Tree, Yggdrasil, where Odin hung until he discovered the Runes in a magical vision. There is no further evidence as to what it means, but those who work with it are convinced that it is a picture of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. This sort of makes sense to me as Gar is the key to the Web of Life. In my Cosmology, the World Tree is the same as The Word. The Word is from a more scientific point of view the underlying fabric or our Universe.

For me, Gar is the gateway to the highest point in the Cosmology: The Almighty, the Great Creator. Gar is the gateway to the Godhead (or Source) which exists within everything (God Field). Gar is also the state of unconditional love, the highest vibration that we can experience on this level of existence. Gar is the ultimate gateway to the fifth-dimensional reality. This I think what Odin might have meant; for one to pass through the “eye of the needle” one has to be like a spear. Leave everything unnecessary behind so one can pass through the Gateway to Heaven.

So to no surprise to me, I then discovered GAR recently within the Nassim Haramein 64 tetrahedrons geometry. Nassim calls this the fundamental seed geometry of the fabric of the vacuum of spacetime itself. It is wonderful how ancient sacred geometry connects with more modern research. Nassim is not a fully accepted mainstream scientist, but his approach is backed by strong mathematics and deep knowledge of ancient sacred knowledge.

Here is Nassim Haramein’s animation about the 64 tetrahedrons.

Nassim Haramein’s animation about the 64 tetrahedrons
Nassim Haramein’s animation about the 64 tetrahedrons

You can clearly see the GAR symbol on the grid; it’s on every second face of this special geometry. If you don’t know what you are looking for here is the GAR glyph within the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry.

The Gar Rune within Flower of Life geometry
The Gar Rune within Flower of Life geometry

So why is this exactly relevant then? Well if an ancient Sacred Language resonates with the fabric of space-time then we clearly are on something fundamental. The fabric of space-time is what I would call THE WORD, the language of the Creation. And the more we can be tuned-in to the language of the Creation the more we can use our true powers, and we can liberate ourselves to live the life that we deserve.

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