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The Light Codes of the SUN

(so sorry folks, I published a wrong blog recently, this is what I was intending to publish)

Our Sun is the gateway to the Cosmic Heart, to the Heart of the Creator. Behind the physical Sun is the heart of the creation. It has been no coincidence that many civilisations have considered our Sun as the Creator. It indeed is the gateway to our Creator on the physical level and we can connect to it through our own heart, more precisely our higher heart.

My first experience in connecting with the light codes the Sun is emitting was on 21st December 2012. It was the end of one World Age according to the Maya calendar and many thought it was the end of the world. No, it was not the end of the world but it was the end of the world as we know it. It was the beginning of the new World Age. Nothing happens overnight though so for the past years our Universe has been gearing up for what we are starting to experience only now.

The recent world events are a good testimony that the Universe is changing gears. The physical level troubles are just starting, it will not end with this pandemic we are experiencing just now. There is much more to come. However, if you stay in the light you have nothing to worry. All is always well. Even at times of great trouble. But only if you stay in your heart and do not go into your mind.

Back to the light codes. I was up the magical hill in Glastonbury on 21st December 2012 and I connected strongly with the Sun. I felt a new frequency, new light codes being installed that will be available to all of us to support our transition to higher vibrational living.

However, a few years later I was wondering what happened with those codes as I did not feel them anymore. Was it just a passing feat and everything was back to normal? Not quite. It is only now when those codes are really becoming active. But they only become active through silence and only if we are connected to our heart.

Those who observe the world only through their mind, will not receive these codes. If one cannot receive these codes, it will make the years ahead more troublesome than for those who can receive those codes. These codes are higher vibrational information that will assist our consciousness in transitioning to the New Age. We will not understand those codes with our mind but we can connect to them via our heart.

The more we are in SILENCE the more we will receive this information. In SILENCE and connected to our HEART and not following ANY NEWS.

I will be connecting to those codes in my Online Energy Transmissions sessions so please register for the next one using this link:

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Much Love,


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