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The One and Only Spiritual Lesson – Death

So many teachers preach about various complex Spiritual disciplines and meditation practices that should bring salvation to you. Some of them help, but most of them don’t. Our False Self is always looking for meaning in things, and it wants to be engaged in various systems and schools of thought. However, these schools of thought give sense only to our False Self – it is just another way to control life, unfortunately. Most Spiritual disciplines do not lead you to salvation but keep you in the darkness of your ego.

The Spiritual Truth is something that cannot be described, it cannot be spoken about, and it can only be experienced through a series of awakenings. No spiritual teaching will give you any awakenings through mind based rules, it is just your Life Path which creates the opportunities for your liberation not any teaching.

True liberation or salvation happens when you let go of the need to control life. It is easy to talk about letting go of control but not that easy to do. Our society is created in such a manner that it keeps you busy with all sorts of desires. We get attached to our identities, to the people and things that we have around us. We get addicted to love relationships, to food, drinks, sex and even to objects and money.

We need to be able to let go all of that and more.

The process of getting older is precisely that. It is a process of letting go. Our needs are very simple in the end. And the closer we get to the time of our departure we will be faced with the ultimate question:

Did I live a meaningful life? What was the purpose of this all – what happened?

Death is the ultimate teacher. The only thing that is inevitable for all of us is that we all depart from this Earth plan at some stage and this is how life is designed as a school, it converges around Death, the inevitable departure that will face each of us.

This is the only spiritual lesson we are here to Master. Death.

This is what the story of Jesus is all about – that we are all eternal beings and we are on this Earth plane to master one of the hardest lessons – how to get disassociated from our False Self.

Our False Self creates the suffering we experience. All pains, frustrations, anger, needs, dependencies, sorrow and any apparent negativity originate from the False Self. It is here to only teach us about our immortal nature. The harder the life appears to be – the more we are attached to the False Self.

Jesus being crucified is simply a symbolic act of the death of the False Self. When we surrender to life, and we let go of all our desires that originate from the False Self, we resurrect ourselves, and we liberate us from the chains of Life and Death. The Heaven is already within us, but once we liberate our mind from the False Self, we liberate ourselves from the Karmic Wheel and the suffering ends. No-one controls our Karma; it is only our Consciousness that creates the apparent Wheel of Life – the Karmic experience.

Life is designed so that you will suffer until you realise that there is no suffering. It is up to you how much suffering you want to endure before you get awakened. You can choose a hard path or an easy path – both are fine as there are no external judges – it is only yourself who judge.

The Universe has aeons of time to wait – it is in no hurry for sure as time is circular anyway! We are not going anywhere really. We are here to allowing the transformation to take place when you are ready.

But instantly when you are ready to let go, it is there to reveal you the Heaven on Earth, the Heaven within you. However if we don’t experience the death of our False Self before we leave our bodies, the saga will continue in another life until we master it.

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