The Source Field, a Golden Field of Love

Love is our natural state of being when our energy bodies are not distorted by thoughts of separation. Our Ego Mind is instructed to believe in separation and carries these non-beneficial thought-forms. Our Higher Mind is connected to the source and it is completely pure. Our task is to find the way back home to the source so that we would be using our Higher Mind rather than the Ego Mind as the primary centre of operation for our consciousness. As long as we are alive the Ego Mind will always be there but we need to be able to calibrate our consciousness so that we are driven by the Truth rather than by the distortions of the Ego Mind.

The Source is really a Golden Field of Love that is the underlying structure to everything there is. It is often referred to also as the Source Field. This field manifests as waves of energy in our physical dimension. The entire Universe is just a collection of a myriad of waves of energy and patterns of information. We experience the Source as Love at the level of our physical existence.

This Source Field is not normally visible to our naked eye but everything we do happens in this field. Every interaction, every thought, every emotion we have is an interaction with this field. We are normally not trained to work with this field unless we have progressed further along our spiritual path. The field oscillates constantly and produces waves that we interact with but we cannot control these waves.

We may have an illusion that we are separate from this Source Field or the wave. This is because we are observing your experience through our mind. But this observation is just an observation of something that has already taken place. It is not an observation of what is taking place but it is a delayed observation what has already happened.

The Source Field does not have time. Only our mind which is observing the field collapses the wave and creates the illusion of the Universe and Time. We create the illusion of existence through our mind because our mind has an ego, and an ego requires an experience. We create time and space through our mind and our mind records these experiences as we flow through this space-time experience.

As we flow through the space-time experience we are just surfing the wave. We don’t really exist or reality does not exist in the way you think it does. It is only through the act of the observation that space and time are created. We collapse the wave through observation and the wave becomes a particle. This is proven quantum physics. Our observation creates the apparent reality, it is just an appearance and it does not really truly exist.

This Source Field wave, or Love, is the Truth. And our interest, as spiritual seekers, the seekers of the Truth, must only be in the thing that does not disappear that is always there. This is the wave, the Source Field. So it is this wave energy that we are interested in, and it is this wave energy that we need to learn to surf with.

The best way to learn to surf with it is to realise that the Universe is not happening within your conscious mind. The way to do this is to BE with the Source Field and ALLOW IT TO BE and connect with the LOVE within it. Because love is all there is. As you learn to BE and ALLOW you learn to SURF with the WAVE and you become liberated from the chains of the Ego Mind.

LOVE is complete freedom from the ILLUSION that seems to occupy us.

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