The Source Field, a Golden Field of Love

Love is our natural state of being when our energy bodies are not distorted by thoughts of separation. Our Ego Mind is instructed to believe in separation and carries these non-beneficial thought-forms. Our Higher Mind is connected to the source and it is completely pure. Our task is to find the way back home to the source so that we would be using our Higher Mind rather than the Ego Mind as the primary centre of operation for our consciousness. As long as we are alive the Ego Mind will always be there but we need to be able to calibrate our consciousness so that we are driven by the Truth rather than by the distortions of the Ego Mind.

The Source is really a Golden Field of Love that is the underlying structure to everything there is. It is often referred to also as the Source Field. This field manifests as waves of energy in our physical dimension. The entire Universe is just a collection of a myriad of waves of energy and patterns of information. We experience the Source as Love at the level of our physical existence.

This Source Field is not normally visible to our naked eye but everything we do happens in this field. Every interaction, every thought, every emotion we have is an interaction with this field. We are normally not trained to work with this field unless we have progressed further along our spiritual path. The field oscillates constantly and produces waves that we interact with but we cannot control these waves.