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The Source Field is God’s Love

On our normal consciousness level, we cannot see the Source Field. However, we can learn to work with it if we start recognising the importance of the subtle signals that our body sends to our conscious mind. This can lead to deep healing, to improved ability to manifest the life that you desire or simply to experience an increased level of joy in your normal daily life.

What is the Source Field anyway really? Well, in the end, it is just a label for something that we cannot understand. It is the mystical substance, the mystical field that holds the entire creation together. It is the Aether, the Dark Matter, The Word of God or simply just God. The wording is not important, what is important is to learn that we ARE that field and we can learn to work with it.

The Source field behaves like a Wave of energy. The Field simply expresses itself as a Wave – the Wave is the Source Field which is constantly changing. The Universe is just an endless pool of vibrational Source Energy, and this Wave-like energy, this Source field is what we experience as Love. The more aligned we are with this Field, the more blissed and blessed we become.

When we have a new relationship, we often project all our desires and hopes into the new relationship. We experience mystical Love for a moment until the shadows of our Ego start surfacing and the romantic phase of the relationship ends. Our ability to experience Love is not, however, limited to a romantic relationship. Love is a heightened state of consciousness which can be achieved through self-realization which does not necessarily require a partner. The more awakened we are, the more aligned we are with the Source Field, the more we can experience pure and limitless Love. It can feel blissful, joyful, timeless, amazing or just fun. If you have ever experienced it, you know what I mean.

This field of Love can be experienced as a Golden Field of energy that emanates from the God Head. Some Alex Gray paintings visualise it beautifully. As we are moving towards the Golden Age in the evolution of the Human Race, it means that we will be soon able to work with this Field consciously even with the entire society at large.

The reason why many manifestation and healing techniques do not apparently seem to work because people try to use their Will or Ego with the Field. This will never work and as Richard Bartlett (the creator of Matrix Energetics) would put it: “your results may vary”. It is like praying amiss, just repeating the words of a prayer with nothing happening. Sound familiar? We have all been there wondering what the ancient teachers actually talk about and it has been my lifelong quest to find out the truth behind this mystery.

It is impossible to try to control the Field or the Wave with our conscious mind. Our conscious mind is an observation engine; it records what has already happened. It is constantly lagging behind what really IS happening. We cannot control Love, so we cannot control the Wave. When the Wave goes, we go. In our normal daily consciousness we appear to be a slave to that Wave, we appear to live our lives without any hope of change, without any hope of healing, or awakening. All miracles seem just to be a distant dream achieved only by a few selected ones.

However, there is a way to be with the Field, the way to be with the field is to LOVE it. Because love is all there is. And Love is this Field, so you also are this Field. You are not a spectator of the Source Field as you are the Field. You literally are made of LOVE.

We often have this illusion of separation; that we are separate from God and separate from others. This is because we have learned to observe our lives through the lens of our mind. And, as stated above, our mind lags behind, as it is merely an observation engine rather than a tool to create or manifest.

The Source Field or the Wave are outside the normal Space-Time continuum. Our mind while it is observing the Field collapses the Wave and creates an illusion of Space-Time. We are living in this illusion for the purpose of learning what Love really is. The Earth is almost like a rehabilitation centre for us who forgot what Love truly is.

As we flow through this Space-Time experience, we are just surfing the Wave. We don’t exist, or reality does not exist in the way you think it does. It is only through the act of the observation that Space-Time continuum is created. We collapse the Wave through observation, and the Wave becomes a particle. This is proven in quantum physics. Our observation creates the apparent reality; it is just an appearance, and it does not truly exist.

The Source Field is the Truth. And our interest, as spiritual seekers, the seekers of the Truth, must only be in the thing that does not disappear. The only permanent thing in our Universe is the Source Field or Love as this is the fundamental building material of our Universe. So it is the Wave energy emanating from the Source Field that we are interested in, and it is this Wave energy that we need to learn to surf with if we really want to progress on our spiritual path.

The first thing one needs to realise, if you want to learn to surf with the Wave, is to realise that the Universe is not happening within your conscious mind. The Conscious Mind is just an observer.

As the ancient Shamanic teachings go, we truly have three minds or three brains. And if we want to master our connection with the Souce Field we need to understand the difference between these three brains and how we can work with them.

We already know that we interact with the Space-Time continuum through our Conscious Mind. This, for many, seems to be the only brain we have, and this is one of the reasons why the society is so confused, and we have so much depression, anxiety, fear and hatred. If we only exist in a state of separation, negative emotions will arise for sure.

Our Conscious Mind gets its primary information through our physical senses and the nervous system. Energetically our physical body and the conscious mind is represented as a movement from Heaven to Heart and back. This is an up and down movement. If you imagine a Cross, the top vertical line from heaven to the middle of the Cross (Heart) – this is the realm of the Conscious Mind.

One reason why we have to lie down and sleep regularly is that we disengage from the Space-Time continuum more easily in that posture. When we stand-up we “face the World”; energetically our spine is then aligned with the Earth Grid. This is also why it is important to sit spine straight when meditating – we then bring Light best into the World Grid that way.

However, our Heart-Mind is our most important brain. It is the centre of our body, physically end energetically. Our Heart interacts directly with the Source Field or the Wave. Our Heart is a Source Field amplifier. It connects our subtle energy body with the Source and acts as a channel between the Space-Time continuum and the Source.

I remember a dream several years back where I sat in a circle with my guides demanding the knowledge of how to heal, how to levitate and how to perform magic and miracles. They simply answered that you do it through your Heart. The answer did not make any sense to me at that time. I was not given any more details in that dream or in my later attempts to get more information from my guides which frustrated me a lot. Interestingly through Matrix Energetics, I started paying attention to the Field of the Heart and begun to understand its role in the process. But even Matrix teaching does not go deep enough to the rabbit hole. Richard is certainly my hero, but it merely touches the surface of the Truth and does not really give in-depth knowledge about the Source Field or even about the Field of the Heart.

Our Heart has the ability to feel. We feel Love and other positive and negative emotions through our Heart. This is our most important ability that we need to be able to work with the Source Field more closely. In a cross, The Source Field is represented as a horizontal line, and our heart is where the vertical and horizontal lines meet. The Ancient Celtic Cross is a great illustration of this mystical knowledge in the form of beautiful Sacred Geometry. The Ancients truly had a good understanding of how the Universe really works.

Our Subconscious-Mind or Lower Brain is the interface to all that which is hidden. Our conscious mind is an interface to all that is visible. Interestingly, if you think about it, all our actions originate through the Source Field, and our Field Amplifier is the Heart which is in the middle. This is what the symbol of Yin and Yang really means. The Unknown and the Known are the seeming opposites but when the Yin / Yang symbol is spinning both of these energies merge. Our Heart is really a torsion field which manifests the reality. As above so below. Non-dualism simply means that there are no opposites. This is what “as above so below” means. Dark is Light, and Light is Dark. There is a seed of light in darkness and in light there is a seed of darkness. It is all the same. If we look into the analogy of surfing and we look into a typical ocean wave, we can see that it can have a shadow side and light side, but it is the same wave. If you surf correctly through the wave, you can have a happy experience, but if you get caught by the wave and sink into the shadows, you get a poorer experience. But it is the same wave. How you ride the Wave creates your reality. And for sure some Waves are easier to surf than others.

Our conscious mind is the interface to that which is visible. The subconscious mind is more feminine; it is the creator mind that manifests your apparent reality. The reality is manifested from the past experiences creating a new learning opportunity for the soul to grow. The subconscious mind is the storehouse that ensures that the correct manifestation is created every minute for maximum soul growth. The conscious mind is the observer, and the recording device, that allows the soul to view what is going on at each moment and the subconscious mind is the creator that ensures we get the right experiences every day. In a cross, the subconscious mind is the lower part of the vertical line.

For us to be able to ride the Wave correctly, we first need to feel it. We cannot observe the Wave through our conscious mind only through our Heart. If we try to observe the Wave with our mind, the Wave collapses into a particle (into an observation), and it stops being a Wave. This is the very reason why we have our own Source Field amplifier which is our Heart. It receives the Source Field, it detects the Source Field, and it can work with the Source Field without collapsing the Wave.

We can only work with the field through our Heart. We work through the feelings we detect in our Heart, and those signals tell us where we are with the Wave or the Source Field. So surfing through your feelings, not getting stuck with emotions, surfing through your feelings and connecting with the various energy vortexes in your body allows one to interact with the Wave. All the energy vortexes in your body, not only Heart (although it is the primary device), can interact with the Source Field.

However, the problem is, that we usually have distortions in our energy vortexes which give us incorrect information about the Wave or the Source Field. These distortions can impact our ability to interact with the Wave as we can feel a distorted version of the Wave. So we need to be able to heal our energy vortexes.

Once we can clear those distortions, we will be able to communicate with the Souce Field better. The Wave sends us information all the time, and all our different energy vortexes receive different types of information. For example, our pineal gland or the third eye, we can see the field. This is the psychic vision capability that we all have. And with our Crown chakra, we can receive the spiritual Light from the Source Field. Each energy vortex has its unique capability.

If we ingest hallucinogenic substances, it often allows us to see the Source Field like in Alex Gray paintings as colourful visions. We can see the various grids of light, the lines of energy. We can see the electric energy that is around our body. The subtle energy body is essentially our own personal Field, and it is the vehicle for our soul to travel within the Source Field.

And here is the trick. The various signals we receive through our energy vortexes are the key to master how we surf the Wave. We need to pay attention to those weak signals. We can practise the connection through meditation and other forms of spiritual practice. We must start paying attention to those weak signals and start learning on how to interact with them.

The more we clear our distortions in our energy vortexes, the stronger the signals get. Also the more we pay attention to the signals it starts healing the distortions.

How we work with the Field (or surf the Wave) is simply receiving those weak signals through our body and then breathing into them, sending love to them, being present with them without wanting to change them. And then while you are with the signals any distortions in them usually change. And then your position on the Wave changes because your perception of it changes.

So this could be, for example, a pain in your knee. But you don’t have a pain in the knee; you are just experiencing a distortion of a Wave which your body translates into an experience of pain.

If you focus on the chakra that is on your knee, and just surf through that feeling and pay attention to the various signals that you receive from the knee and love those signals that you receive without wanting to change them – you start working with the Wave. You might receive images; you might receive sounds, messages, more pain, less pain, different pain, light, angels, etc…. Whatever turns up is useful!

Surf the weak signals, do not reject any of them, however weird they might appear. Just love it all! Stay with the experience without trying to change it (so you take your Ego out of the equation). And once you are surfing through those signals the healing takes place through the Source Field, which really is God. God is the Healer, and the Source Field is the Word of the God, and once you communicate with the Source Field, you facilitate healing. You act as an antenna or as a Source Field transformer between the Field and the problem. But instantly, if you want to try to heal, the communication stops as you collapse the Wave. You need to be able to let the Wave work through you undisturbed, so it is not collapsing. This is only possible if you park your Conscious Mind and let your Heart and Subconscious Mind do the work for you.

As Jesus says:

The Father Abiding In Me Doeth The Work

You, as the “healer”, are just the focusing device, an observer, and once the observation takes place without judgement the distortions transmute, and the pain disappears. It is as simple as that.

Once you learn to re-adjust your position on the wave all distortions, such as pain, disappear. This is because the pain is not the truth, the Wave, the Source Field is the truth, and any variation or distortion of the truth will always have to give way to the Truth. The Truth always prevails!

It is important to note that we cannot fight against the illusion, we cannot force the illusion to bend to our will, we cannot force money into our bank account and we cannot force someone to like us. We cannot use our Egos to facilitate healing or manifestation. Using raw, mental willpower would not result in anything else than just creating, even more, distortions in your Field. When you learn to surf with the Wave, one can change the perception of any distortions and then truly heal and manifest the life that your soul desires.

Everything is a form of Love. When you learn to surf the Wave, you learn to heal and manifest if you just remember that you are not the doer; you are just a surfer, you surf the field of Love and interact with God. God is the doer; God is the healer and we are here to receive God’s grace.

God Bless You.