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The Structure of the Universe – The God Field

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

The Universe is held together by a field of energy. In the more modern physics this may be called the Higgs field but in the medieval times, it was called the aether or ether. Nikola Tesla, one of the biggest luminaries in the field of science, told even Einstein that his model was incorrect and that the aether or ether did really exist. Einstein did, in the end, agree with Tesla noting that “the ether did exist, that is was necessary as a medium of transfer because light also had wave-like properties”*. But it’s only recently through the hunt for the Higgs or God particle that this has become more mainstream science.

This field is responsible for things like gravity and it is based on sacred geometry which has been known by Sages and Shamans in various cultures throughout the ancient times. The masons, the master builders, knew this as well and they were able to utilise this field to counter gravity to help them to build large buildings. The monks in Tibet has been documented to levitate large blocks of stone with the help of resonant frequencies. Ed Leedskalin was one of the last independent builders having access to this knowledge when he built his castle alone with his bare hands.

In the Shamanic tradition, this field is called the Web of life. Everything we do resonates the strings of this web and creates karmic records. When we do positive actions this web responds positively. When we do negative actions this web responds negatively. The Akashic records and the book of life are very closely related as the actions of the web are stored in the Akashic records.

Flower of life is yet another beautiful representation of this sacred geometry. Even the Celtic knot represents the same field as does the Kabbalah tree of life concept. Most spiritual traditions have a sacred geometry representation for this fundamental structure.

This web of life is really a fractal gateway to the next dimension. The fourth or fifth dimension is awaiting us and really we have access to that dimension through this field. We cannot see directly to the next dimension but its available to us through the foundation of our 3D existence. You can access this gateway using vortex or spinning movement. This is why Sufi dervishes use spinning to access higher consciousness. Shaking or swaying is also a loosely related shamanic technique used in different parts of the world to let the body shake which then creates energy vortexes to open up connections to higher realms and thus create a trance state and allow for healing.

A whirling vortex can be symbolised by a spiral. The spiral symbol is used in various healing methods and we can use it to increase our personal energy too. Each time we use a spiral we really interface with the fifth dimension. As we are in the fifth world age, according to the Mayan calendar, this energy is now becoming available to all of us. During the fifth world age which lasts 5125 years, we should experience a transition to the next dimension as a human race hopefully it being a bit more peaceful period.

Vortex, or a wormhole, can be used to connect two points in space and time which are not necessarily next to each other. To activate this wormhole you simply need to use your consciousness to set out an intention to do this as our consciousness is also part of this field. This field, perhaps we can call it the God field now is really part of our consciousness. Remote Viewing is based on this concept which can also be called the non-locality of space-time. The God field allows any point in space-time to be linked with any other point through the fifth dimension as space and time are experienced in a different way on that level. Its only on this level we physically actually have to travel from A to B.

This same concept can be used in manifestation too. As manifestation is simply focused intention which triggers changes in the God field. We create the world every split second and we can change the world at every split second if we so wish to. This is how miracles work too. Anything is possible it is just the question how much can you flex your consciousness to produce the effect required.

It is important to note that this God field exists on a 5D geometry, not on a 3D geometry. We cannot see this field but it is everywhere. It is our surface or borderline to the next level so we only see the border of the fifth dimension.

The act of healing also uses the same field and the same concept as in manifestation. Healing is simply setting out a positive intention which comes out from your heart rather than your mind. The transmission takes place as scalar waves which have recently been proven to exist. You can now even buy ready made kits to see them working with your own eyes.

Konstantin Meyl, a German engineer, seems to have proven that cancer cells respond to certain scalar wave activity and that all cancer cells communicate with a different frequency to a healthy cell. So using scalar waves tuned into a cancer cell the illness can be removed efficiently as these cells seem to only communicate with similar cells as their fractal antenna is tuned in the same frequency. These cells can instantly communicate using quantum entanglement. This is how the Rife machine also most likely worked. Rife called scalar waves as beam rays.

Our DNA, due to its shape, is actually also a fractal antenna to receive information using scalar waves. Our DNA can communicate instantly all DNA in our body. If part of the body receives healing scalar waves this is immediately beneficial to the entire body through the quantum entanglement of our own DNA.

Scalar waves are non-local waves transmitting energy from other dimensions and they bend the rules of physics as they do not exist only on 3D but they follow the rulebook of 5D physics instead. An excellent illustration on how the scalar energy actually looks like is in a crop circle drawn by a higher consciousness around 2001 in Milk Hill (UK). Many of the crop circles are actually man-made but the more elaborate ones are genuine messages to us from the higher levels of existence. Click here to view this as an animation.

We can program the God field using sacred geometry. This is where for example the sacred runic symbols are meant to be used on. The runes abstract the sacred geometry as 2D illustrations but they represent a 5D universe translated into 2D or 3D language. So studying runes will open your mind to higher consciousness. This programming of the God field has been proven to work by the work of Masaru Emoto as he photographed water crystals when they were frozen. If the water was directed to positive prayers or love was written into the bottle the water crystals looked more beautiful than if only normal tap water was frozen. Yes, we can program the God field using intention, prayers, rune symbols or text. Anything really.

The ancient sages, of course, knew all of this. That’s why they left tools like the Runes behind so that we can re-discover the secrets of life by using their wisdom.

This formation which was discovered on top of Milk Hill in Wiltshire above the White Horse on 13th August 2001. The formation was described as “the mother and father of all crop circles” by crop circle researcher Charles Mallett.
This formation which was discovered on top of Milk Hill in Wiltshire above the White Horse on 13th August 2001. The formation was described as “the mother and father of all crop circles” by crop circle researcher Charles Mallett.

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