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The Way of Heart

A long journey has been travelled, and there is no end to this journey. There is also no beginning, and we don’t know where it all started from. I am here standing today for one and one purpose only. This purpose is to learn to Love more, Love more of myself, Love more of others and Love the entire creation. This whole world has set-up in a way that teaches you, love. The world we live in teaches that the Way of Mind alone is not working and that the Way of the Heart is required to discover our true potential.

It is our Heart that is the cornerstone of our being. The Heart is in the middle of our bodies – it is the energetic vortex that connects us with Eternity and to the higher dimensions. Surrendering to Eternity is one key act on our journey out of the mental prison we often occupy.

Below the Heart is the seeming Underworld. Above the Heart is the seeming Higher Worlds. As Above, so below. These two aspects are just reflections of the same, the Oneness of the entire creation. This realisation that there is no darkness and that there is just a path through our Hearts towards the liberation of our souls is a fundamental revelation that one needs to have in order to open the gateways to Heaven.

As we surrender to the beauty of the entire creation, we realise that we are all the same being, an eternal pulse that breathes its life to each soul and this life is what we truly are. Our temporary identities are just ways for this eternal pulse to experience itself. There is no path to enlightenment. There is nothing to do to get awakened. We just have to self-realise that we already are the pulse of the creator and that there are no limits to our existence. We are the quantum creator field that expresses itself as a wave, and we surf through the journey of life through our entire body. We stand in the field of creation, and we sleep in the field of love.

Our task is to wake-up and expresses the field of love in this field of creation. This is the alchemical magic that the alchemists have always been searching for. The cauldron for this magic is your heart, more accurately your higher heart, and as you breathe in love, the manna from heavens into the cauldron you are awakened to your true powers. Then you realise that as you are the entire creation, and the entire creation is just eternal love – you just are love – and then there is this endless laughter – this awakening to the eternal grace of the creator. Ha! We are here just to love, and the act of the healing is when you expand your eternal field of love through your higher heart around you. That’s all we need to do. It is the manna from the heavens which is the healer, and we are the conduit for that manna, and it flies through our body, through our higher heart, to everyone near us or to everyone connected with us wherever they are.

LOVE is complete freedom from the ILLUSION that seems to occupy us.

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