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What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a complete liberation from the illusion of the false self. It is a process of remembrance where one awakens his or her true authentic self rather than being imprisoned by the false self in a state of a collective dream. When one truly is enlightened one is filled with light and the physical body is transmuted into a light-body. This transmutation frees the being from all chains of our illusionary world.

Enlightened being can take the appearance of physicalness but an enlightened being has mastered the "impossible" which is the ability to travel without a physical body. This is because the illusion has completely stopped and only the truth prevails. The truth is that we are light, and that we are not physical beings. We are beings of light having a physical experience and once we truly get enlightened the person and the illusion ceases to exist. The person you think you are is part of the illusion.

These masters who have been truly enlightened live in Shambala, in the city of light. I have, in my visions, visited Shambala few times and met the masters who are there. It is an incredible feeling of love and light that radiates out from that city of perfection. One day we will experience it here on Earth.

It is very important to realise that there is no way to this awakening or liberation. This no-way cannot be described as if it could be it would become yet another control for the false self. This process is a destructive process of non-doing and one of symbolic dying. In this process, the control of the false self dissolves gradually or suddenly, and the authentic self ultimately takes over. It is the death of the ego, death of the false self.

To achieve this, we need to let go of all needs of the false self and realising that we are here in service for the higher light. That higher light is our true and authentic self. The more we let go, the more the light shines through our being.

This process is typically gradual; cracks appear in the illusion the false self has created, and the higher light starts taking hold. This process can be very painful, and the work happens through letting go of the control and needs of the false self and allowing the true authentic self to take over.

The entire society tries to keep us in the false self so that we would not be awakened, but the good news is that more and more of us are being awakened as we have seen the higher light, like in Plato’s story about the Cave. It’s challenging but not impossible. We just have to stay true to the inner knowing that we truly are divine creators that originate from one soul, one heart and one being.

This process of awakening has certain characteristics and certain aspects that everyone typically has to go through. Identifying these characteristics may accelerate the awakening process as certain patterns can be identified faster and those can be let go in various activations, moments of self-actualisation or self-realisation. The trick is to remember that it is a no-way, no-path, a non-doing and non-dualistic approach and the key is to stalk the ego and its programs and booby traps. The key is not to create more rules, conditions or attachments; the key is to become free.

Although there is no process, there are a few things that you can do to make yourself more ready for liberation.

These include:

  • Learn to Love yourself

  • Learn to Forgive yourself and others

  • Learn to heal your emotional wounds

  • Learn to think outside your assumed limitations

  • Learn to clear non-beneficial thought-forms from your mind

  • Learn NOT to follow other people’s opinions but your own truth instead

  • Learn NOT to meet-up with people who you do not resonate with, only hang out with people who you truly resonate with

  • Learn to end that wrong relationship right now; it is better to be alone than in a bad relationship

  • Learn to stay a lot alone, join vision quests and have long walks in nature

  • Learn to sleep a lot

  • Learn to disconnect, read as little as possible

  • Learn NOT to watch the news or TV

  • Learn to meditate long when you feel like it, but do not make it into a daily routine (a daily routine is a form of control)

  • Learn to do things differently every day; walk a different route, wake up at a different time, do unplanned things – do not fall into a routine

  • Learnt to be as silly as you can regularly (Laughter Yoga)

  • Learn to believe in impossible things

  • Learn to believe in miracles

  • Learn to believe in Fairies and Angels

  • Hang out with people who are already awakened (but only if it resonates with you)

  • And most importantly: Learn to believe in yourself

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