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What is FREEDOM?

Freedom, for me, is to live life through Authentic Self and not through the False Self. The False Self is our Ego, and most people on this planet think that this is who they are thus staying locked in the illusion. I believe that discovering the Authentic Self is the way to freedom and this is the awakening process we are going through on this planet at this very moment.

For us to be incarnated here, we had to be split into two - into male and female aspects of our being. I am not sure about the twin flame concept if that is true but at least we can experience the division to feminine and masculine both internally and externally. This was created so that we can learn about opposites and dualism and we get into the process of marrying them together. The marriage between a man and a woman is often a more superficial process, but if conscious it can accelerate the internal marriage.

I believe this process is the cornerstone of our spiritual evolution on our level of existence.

For me, it is about rising above the right doing and wrongdoing. There is nothing wrong in this life. There is nothing right in this life either. Things just are so that we can experience them. This experience leads us in the end to the conclusion that nothing makes sense, this is the core of dualism. At the mental level, life cannot be solved or fixed. Staying in the mind keeps you away from true and deep happiness. This leads to non-dualism which is the rising teaching at the moment because it is closer to the truth.

Once the illusion is transmuted (we start experiencing life in a non-dualistic way), we get elevated to a higher level of consciousness where we do not judge anything any more. We just accept and allow things as they are as there really is nothing to do here logically, we are here just to experience things.

This, I believe, will lead to the Sacred Marriage, where we realise that there are no opposites, there is no men and women, there just is. It is the ISness of the creator that we are after. Once we reach this state, it lifts one's consciousness to a higher level where unconditional love truly exists. This is our way back home, the path to the God-realisation.

However, it is very difficult to love unconditionally at this level of existence due to the lower level emotions such as anger, hatred, shame, guilt being present in our collective conscious and unconscious mind. We can often temporarily be elevated to a higher level of existence, but then we often fall back to the Earthly vibrations, and we find it more difficult to love unconditionally. The key here is not to force anything. Just allow and accept things as they are. Allow and accept our own emotions, feelings and thoughts as they are. We should not force ourselves to anything or to any condition.

I do not believe that we are meant to love unconditionally at the Earth level; we are meant to experience life as it is. It is all about being authentic. The pain of separation is the source of all our pain. Ego is the result of this separation. Once we truly have merged our feminine and masculine and gained inner peace we can start loving each other (more or less) unconditionally as then it is genuine love. This is the point where we expect nothing anymore as we have realised that everything already is within us. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do just the act of being in a pure state of love fills one with such feeling of completion and happiness that cannot be achieved by any other means. For most of us, it is a long way to get there but some can achieve this in this lifetime. Everyone will achieve this eventually but not necessarily on this life.

This is freedom for me. Freedom from ego and its desires. This freedom has nothing to do with physical freedom, circumstances in life, or if one is in a relationship or not. It is purely an inner state. It is complete freedom from ego attachments which then allows the source energy to come through us fully. The more we release our ego attachments the more we become channels for Source Energy. The fewer attachments we have the more energy goes through us.

There is no mental or logical path to this freedom; it is a process of remembering and undoing the ego attachments, addictions, needs and desires. But as the ego operates at the level of mind, any program we aim to create at the level of mind to ease the pain usually does the opposite or does nothing at all.

A higher level of consciousness is achieved through the cracks in the ego, through the apparent "faults" on the program. The light comes through when we surrender and when we give up and let go of all our control systems. The more we hold the ego illusion up, the stronger we push, the stronger the pain is. Once we collapse, crash and surrender we experience the truth, the light and this light is the only real remedy. This is the light of your own being (Source). Once you are really in the light of your being, you are in an orgasmic state at all times. The orgasm we get when we are intimate with our loved one is training for achieving this ultimate orgasm, the complete oneness with everything. It is a truly explosive feeling if you have ever come even close.

We are here not to achieve things; we are here to surrender.

What can help in this process, for those who can surrender enough, a conscious relationship where the ego reflection process can be done in a supportive environment. However, if the consciousness is not high enough in a relationship it can become toxic quickly as the ego resists losing its position and things can get challenging.

So a relationship which is not conscious may not help much, as it just recycles the shadows of the ego and changing the relationship does not help either as the same stuff just re-surfaces in a slightly different shape. Staying in toxic relationships is not good, and sometimes it is much better to stay alone.

Free love (open) relationships may not help either as this allows the ego to escape the pain of another mirror to another one. If the consciousness of each and everyone in a polyamorous relationship is high enough it might work out, but on the Earthly existence this is very rarely the case. There certainly is no rulebook on this but the level of collective consciousness we are in committed relationships, if conscious enough, often offer a much better chance for true growth as one cannot escape the mirror and the only option you have left is total surrendering.

Most people are not ready to surrender, and they hold into their ego's instead and keep changing relationships and run away from the true responsibility we have. Be true to our Authentic Selves (not to our False Selves). A true, conscious relationship, I believe, can be a true healer, but only if both parties are conscious enough of what it takes. It takes a total surrendering to it without trying to control, adjust, manipulate or trick any aspect of the relationship or any aspect of the other person.

It is all about seeing your own image and projections and seeing the other person without the distortion of your ego.

This certainly can be challenging, but we came to this Earth to grow, not to complain.

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