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How to meditate?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Meditation is not about doing. The phrase “I am going to meditate” sort of defeats the whole point. Meditation is about becoming. Its a more Yin type activity where we are not really going anywhere or we have any set goals. As a result of a regular meditation practice, many positive things may transpire but not as a result of actually actively doing something – quite the opposite. Meditation is not about doing. This may be hard to understand in our extremely Yang focused western culture.

What is really going on then when one meditates?

To be able to answer that question we have to see what is going on in our minds first. Most of us have built a very strong mind as a result of western education and lifestyle. Everything is logical (Yang) and goal oriented here. This creates a false sense of self where we believe that we reside in a logical self where right and wrong are defined as a result of logical deduction rather than connecting with our true (higher) selves. The western culture sees religion and spirituality as a side activity for those who want to “believe” on something higher and science is seen to be outside of this metaphysical search. True and open-minded scientific thinking is very valuable and through Quantum physics and Torsion field physics science and spirituality are getting closer. However, our society is purely based on Yang energy today which causes an imbalance. We experience this imbalance every day as a chaotic financial system, greed-driven business ventures, inefficient health care systems where costs spiral out of control, energy production systems which create large amounts of pollution, etc…

We live in a society which is out of balance. The root cause of this imbalance is in the state of our minds simply.

When we meditate we connect to Yin – to the expansive and much bigger selves than we can logically explain. Our egos don’t typically like this and they want to create disruptions: wandering thoughts, difficulty in concentrating, finding excuses not to meditate (I am too busy). We are much bigger than we ever think we are. Meditation is about letting go of control, letting go of all plans, letting go of all needs and it is all about allowing your higher self to connect with you. Our egos (our Yang selves) do not like this.

Once you taste the light of your higher self, there is no turning back. But the real difficulty in this is to overcome the obstacles created by Yang mind and re-connecting with the Yin mind. The trick here is to feel the meditation, rather than to think the meditation. Letting it flow through the heart as the centre of our light (power). Calling for the light of your heart to be lit and feeling how the light of your higher self will start filling it. If you have never experienced the blissful state of light filling you, you wonder what fuss is all about. But little by little once you start discovering the light within this will then start transforming you into a much more whole being. This is why the blood pressure is going down, a general feeling of wellness comes from meditation. We receive unconditional love from our higher selves and from the heavens.

Feeling is Yin, Thinking is Yang. Meditation is about feeling, not your emotions, but your inner light through your heart and through your breathing. It is about dropping out of the logical box your mind has created and entering the unlimited world of light. It is about expanding and intensifying the light in your physical presence. It is about calling for your divine self to come back home. It is about connecting with your real home, the world of light where the Masters live.

This may sound grand but it is achieved through the emptiness of Yin. Through the childlike state of a beginner. Through an infinite trust on the Creator. Through an infinite trust to the Creation and on your inner light which is your true self. Through that trust the higher self, the light will start descending on you and you will start transforming your physical body to a light body slowly, one breath at a time.

This is real meditation. It is simply becoming You, mastering You and mastering the Creation.

When you meditate, feel the earth below you. Feel the flow of light from the earth to you. Feel the light within your heart. Feel that expanding on every in-breath and cleansing with every out-breath. Feel the light of the Christ entering you through your head and activating your higher centres. Feel all of your chakras pulsing together and opening, strengthening and being cleansed. Feel the love, feel the light feel your heart. Breath in, breath out. Do nothing. Breath in, breath out. Start becoming. Focus on the intention “I AM divine love” and let everything else go. Just let it go, let it be and enter the timeless field of your heart. The timeless space of your real self.

Feel the “soul seat” or the eight chakra which is above your crown chakra which is the nodal point to the light. Pop your crown chakra open from the inside, pop your heart chakra open from the inside, pop your root chakra open from inside. Pop all your chakras open from inside. And let the light flow in.

Once you master that connection you can the start mastering merging it with your Yang self. Breath in Yin, express your life as Yang. That’s the rhythm. When they are in balance you create peace, harmony and love with every step you take.

This is how we re-build the Earth. From inside (Yin) out (Yang).

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