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How to pray?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Prayer is not that different from genuine state of meditation. Prayer is not about words, it is about connecting with the Creator, the almighty God. But what is the “right” way to pray or meditate? There are many books both about prayer and meditation and most people consider meditation and prayer to be separate activities. However, they are the same activity, as it is all about communion with the Higher Consciousness.

The issue with meditation more often is that people try to meditate, they try to silence their minds as I have discussed in an earlier blog entry "What is Meditation?". Meditation is about reaching the higher state of yourself, the Higher Consciousness which exists outside your thinking. As it is an activity outside your thinking you simply cannot think yourself to Higher Consciousness. The only way to do this is to allow the silence to arrive through your heart. Breathe through your heart and feel the love expanding and radiating in and out. This love is the Higher or God Consciousness. It simply exists outside your thinking, in the gaps between your thoughts in the field of your heart.

As we are all One or rooted into the same source, the Almighty God, we can access oneness through meditation. If you feel separate from others when you meditate, you are trying too hard. Just relax into it. Focus on your heart and breathe through it. Let your heart expand and contract with the breathing. Feel the love or imagine the love and light to radiate from within. This light is the Higher Consciousness or the Almighty God however you prefer to call it. Through this light, you are connected to others and genuine everlasting happiness can be achieved.

Meditation really is communion with God. You cannot connect with the Higher Consciousness through your mind, you need to do that through your heart, through the expansive feeling of love. He / She is within you. The Father-Mother is within you at all times. We experience him/her usually as light or love or as peace within.

If you are not in peace, you are not connected. Once you are in peace and you feel the love within, you are there. It is as simple as that. This is true meditation. This is creating peace within which then radiates outside you. To create harmony in relationships the key is to first to create harmony within. This is also the message in the rune Gebo, to create balance or harmony through the Great Creator who connects our separate identities to all of us. We are all expressions of the Creation and we all have God / the Higher Consciousness within us. Our thoughts may not be of God always, but the light within is. God is. We are children of the Father-Mother God.

The best mantra and meditation to use here is to keep repeating “God is” and breathing love in and out through your heart. You can also alternate the rune sound Gebo with that if you so wish.

Once you are in that happy peaceful state, you can then begin your prayer as you are now connected with the God within fully. And the prayer is listening to the small voice within. It is not asking for more money, or a new house or even a healing for you or even for someone else. Prayer is not a shopping list to God, even if it is about requesting healing for others. God won't listen to that. It is not about setting an intention either (when doing healing for example).

The prayer works the other way around. You surrender to the Higher Consciousness, and ask Almighty God questions like: what is God, what is Healing, what is it that I am supposed to do now?

Then you hear the feeling and the Christ impulse within. This is God’s response to you if you truly surrender to the guidance from Father-Mother God. This is the answer to the prayer. You see – you don’t have to ask as God already knows what you need. You just have to hear that answer. Tune in and listen.

I asked about setting the intention from Richard Bartlett when I was in one of the Matrix seminars. Similarly, he replied intention for him means “IN THE TENT OF GOD” (intention). God already knows what you or someone else needs. There is no need to set an intention.

God created the Universe. Billions and billions of star systems go about their motions. The wildlife in our planet goes on about its business without any intervention required from humans. God does not need you to run the Universe. However, at the same time, you have God within. Everything you ever imagined is available but not through wanting it. When you surrender to that voice within, you become a miracle of love. This was the true teaching of Jeshua. If you instead want God to fill in your small wish lists, you have to wait for a very very long time. Happiness is to realise your love to God and to the perfection he creates every day. You are part of that perfection. You are a living miracle.

The human suffering is nothing but a mental choice. Yes, suffering can be real, but only in a dualistic sense. It is always a choice between the dualistic suffering or to surrendering to the infinite love that is always there. God is always available, God does not create that suffering, we do it for ourselves. God is ok for you to suffer but his / her love is always available to those who surrender to it. The Miracle of love is always there. It’s your choice. And if you choose to align with the God’s light, it starts through silence, listening into the guidance, like what Eileen Caddy did in Findhorn.

The Kingdom of God Is Truly Within You
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