What is Supercoherence?

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

On my journey towards understanding the physics of miracles, I have attended countless seminars and workshops, read too many books to mention and met many individuals and had many fascinating conversations about what might be the magical formula or what might really help. My current understanding of how to produce miracles is explained in my earlier blog post. In a nutshell, the key seems to be all about getting into a higher vibrational state and alter the structure of the creation from there. However, getting to that higher state of consciousness reliably is not always that easy! Richard Bartlett used to comment on Matrix seminars all the time that “your results may vary” never really explaining what he meant (he just had his usual twinkle in the eye).

We do need tools and processes that really help us to stay at an elevated vibrational level. On the process side certainly, the activations of Abdy Electriciteh help enormously. But Abdy is not there all the time and at times we all take a dive on our frequency just due to environmental effect. One of the rare things that I have found, that really seems to help, is something called Supercoherence coined and invented by Thrity Engineer.

Just the story of Supercoherence is so interesting as is my journey to discover it. It all started when I studied Matrix Energetics (ME) with Richard Bartlett where, in one of his seminars, he mentioned a device called the Luminator. He showed photos of it and also polaroid photos taken of clients when they were near the device (in the field of the device). It seemed that this device impacted the field so that the photographs showed if the person field was coherent (well) or not coherent (sick). Interestingly these photos seemed to indeed show people who are initially blurred in the photographs but after a right treatment, the image got sharper. This special form of photography was called VRIC imaging, as I learned later on.