Time with Lauri


30-minutes (min)


Open session or specific focus

Available for everyone

My list price for a 30 min session used to be USD 75, GBP 60, EUR 65 but you can donate any amount based on your circumstances. 

Private sessions are carried out in a concentrated manner on your individual needs and desires in life. Health, happiness, consciousness,  finances & relationships are core issues often addressed. 


Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Counselling and Channelling can take place during a session. Life Purpose work can also be undertaken. You can specify the type of the session at the time of booking but most sessions are "open sessions" and the type of the session can change during the session (which is normal). View all session types


You set the price for your session. All sessions are donation-based but the donation must be done at the time of booking. Once you have scheduled your session you will be re-directed to the donation page. Once you have completed the donation via PayPal your session is confirmed automatically. 

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Live Stream (global)

30 minutes

Free for Love Tribe members

I will re-start my online live stream sessions soon. They will now be only offered to Love Tribe members (requires a private session with me) as closed group sessions. 

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Available globally (you can host me)

60 to 90-minutes


From time to time I offer in-person group sessions based on my whereabouts. 

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HEALING: Lauri Wild is a faith healer. His healing and health education skills are complementary – alternative healing arts services. I (Lauri Wild) am not a licensed physician, doctor, GP or health practitioner. The Lauri Wild faith healing sessions are designed to support individuals on issues of physical and emotional wellness and attunement to the Field of God. Spiritual counselling may occur. It is NOT medical advice, medical practice, nor a replacement for these practices. Individuals looking for medical advice should seek the counsel of a qualified, licensed practitioner. By purchasing any of my services, I agree to willingly participate in faith healing with Lauri Wild for spiritual purposes only. I do not hold Lauri Wild responsible for anything that befalls me because I have engaged in his services now, or forever.


READING: Lauri Wild is a psychic. By purchasing this service, I agree to willingly participate in psychic reading with Lauri Wild for spiritual purposes only. I do not hold Lauri Wild responsible for anything that befalls me because I have engaged in his services now, or forever.


ANY OF MY SERVICES: In addition, I understand that there are no refunds in any situation. However, I may reschedule my appointment if there are more than 24 hours to my appointment (rescheduling not available if there are less than 24 hours to your appointment). There are no refunds for a no-show or last-minute cancellation for a technical reason.

CURRENCY DISPLAY: All monetary values displayed on this website are in USD. The approximate values indicated (~) in other currencies are estimates and final charge is dependant on PayPal's or your bank's currency conversion (if your bank account is in other currency than USD). 



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