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Spiritual and Energy Healing

Psychic, Spiritual and Energy Healing

In the healing session, I observe using psychic vision, the weak signals of your subtle energy body to gain information about the imbalances that are present in your system.


Then I open the field of the heart and allow the God Force or the Holy Spirit to work with the imbalances detected. It is the light in me that allows seeing the light in you. This observation allows the higher forces to work through me.  I am merely an antenna for the Holy Spirit. The higher forces cannot interfere with our lives unless we request their help. A healer is the one delivering the help based on your request.


Like Jesus said: “I can of my own self do nothing”. Healing is an act of connecting you to the higher truth which then carries out the healing. All healing modalities just facilitate this connection.


I have studied numerous healing modalities but all of them converge to the same fundamental process. Connection to the Power of Love (God) through our Higher Heart or the Field of Heart.


If you want, we can use a specific modality in the session, however, in the end, they are all the same. Below is a summary of some of the modalities that I have been trained with but it is never about the technique, it is only about the connection to God through the field of the heart.


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