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Readings via email

Rune Alchemy™ soul reading for 2022 via email

Rune Alchemy™ Soul Reading

This RUNE ALCHEMY READING reflects the state of your being at this time. It highlights your current strengths and also gives insight into the challenges you may encounter. By studying this reading carefully it may help you to align your energies to achieve a higher vibrational state of your being and get closer to your goals in life. 

For the reading, I use a 33 rune Northumbrian rune set which contains 9 additional master runes compared to a standard 24 rune set. The 9 master runes provide in-depth information about your life’s journey. Each standard rune is linked to a Master Rune. The number 33 is additionally a master number so the energy in my readings relates to giving you information on how to master your life. 

  •  This reading reflects the state of your being in one clearly written document

  • You will receive the reading via email within 48 hours of placing your order

  • You agree to these Terms and Conditions when you purchase a reading from Lauri Wild.  


Soul reading usually 100 $/£/€ now 50% OFF and only 50 $/£/

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