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The light is now always with me

After your session, the light is now always with me. I can just close my eyes and bath in it and I feel calm, steady and soft. Thank you so much.

Peter J, London, UK


One of the best healing sessions I have ever had

My session with Lauri was a very powerful experience. I have felt being at a highly elevated state of consciousness which lasted more than a week after. One of the best healing session I have ever had.

Michael C, London, UK


I am so full of Light

I am so full of Light. Truly the best healing I ever had, truly amazing.

Maggie L, London, UK


Powerful healing!

Today I have received a big gift: the most special & powerful healing I ever have had. Thank you!!

Maria M, Glastonbury, UK


I feel incredible!

Immediately after the session, I was totally blissed out. Amazing healing energy, a lot of power, goodness, transformation, love, growth promoting, truly an incredible experience.

Lauri, a week later and I am glowing and feeling more confident and happier than I have in a VERY long time.

T Skiba, San Francisco, USA


The most life changing powerful experience to date…

I have been healing now for ten years I have tried numerous techniques and been to many many healers but last week I had healing with Lauri and it was the most life changing powerful experience to date if you want to change and want to heal see this man! Lauri is an amazing healer with many gifts he is also very humble, gentle and really provides you a safe space to release whatever you need to release so you can start to evolve at a fast rate. I’m still rather overwhelmed at the session I had with him and would through really recommend for anyone wanting profound change and healing to see him for a session.

Jessica M, London, UK


Thanks a million, Lauri, for a remarkable healing session!

I wasn’t at all sure what to expect but was rather blown away by the immediacy of my response to your holding and the speed of formation of an energetic field which we formed. I’ve been processing quite a lot of stuff recently and the session was enormously helpful.

G McLeod, Edinburgh, UK


You are a powerful and loving being…

The session you did for me, as you could tell, was really timely and powerful. I continue to be impressed with your ability to ‘see’ on so many levels. Thank you so much. You are a powerful and loving being and your work and presence are a gift to the planet.

Meredith Davies, Sedona, USA


Lauri is a powerful force of healing

Lauri is a powerful force of healing. In my sessions with him, I have received clear, accurate information, and feel connected to divine light. I have felt expansion in my own energy system, and a deep integration and resolution of my concerns and questions. Results have been profound and permanent. I highly recommend Lauri to you. He is a blessing to this world.

B Manchester, Vancouver, Canada


The healing sessions I had with him has turned my life around very very fast

Lauri Wild works from the heart with such love, enthusiasm and pure joy. The healing sessions I had with him has turned my life around very very fast just within a week. It ended a huge negative cycle in my life that is now truly completed

Camilla H, London, UK


I felt my essence filling with light…

Lauri possesses a laser-like ability to immediately hone into the heart of a matter. Our sessions continue to become deeper. In a recent session, I felt the ages releasing from my body and my essence filling with light and merging with the Universe. Lauri’s insights are invaluable.

Jasmine B, New York, USA


I am feeling Love!

Thank you for the Healing session. The last session was huge so much release and now I just know what to do with my life. Wow that session has truly transformed me – the end of a cycle in my life and the beginning of another – that of LOVE. I am feeling much gratitude.

Sandra M, London, UK


Thanks for the very powerful session yesterday…

Thanks for the very great session yesterday. I just finished a singing rehearsal today, and it went well!!! I was singing three hours non-stop! My throat is like a crystal! I feel so fantastic! Can we have a new session in few weeks time again?

J Pikkarainen, Helsinki, Finland


Major turning point…

My personal healing sessions with Lauri have been a major turning point for me. Thank You!

J Hurley, New York, USA


Thank you for the amazing healing session…

Thank you for the amazing healing session! I felt great after it, and I was grinning all night.

S Manning, London, UK


A genuine miracle happened…

Today I had one of the most life-changing days I have ever had. Words cannot describe how much gratitude I have in my heart and soul for the healing I received. A genuine miracle happened confirmed by my spiritual guides. I am crying tears of joy and filled with divine love. Thank you so much Lauri!

Julie Lee, London, UK

The most fulfilling experience I have ever had!

I am totally embracing a feeling of inner “fulfilment” very very calming, suiting and relaxing… I am pleased for every second that it lasts. I believe you said it would stay – but I don’t take it for granted, and I will do my best to remember the difference between the 2 “states” of my being. I am connecting with an unforeseen level of humility and gratefulness. As stated Yesterday: thank you very MUCH Lauri. Yesterday will be remembered always! Tears are coming out as I am unable to describe to experience.

C Nielsen, Copenhagen, Denmark


I wish to strongly recommend him as a gifted and compassionate healer

During the second session, I experienced myself as a cosmic star (being of light) and that transmutation stayed with me for a week and it facilitated healing for a birth-related trauma. What Lauri facilitates is beyond rational understanding but I wish to strongly recommend him as a gifted and compassionate healer. Do not miss the chance to evolve into the fullness of who you are born to be!

S Treasure, Milan, Italy


I feel different at all levels

My regular healer noted how my energies had transformed into so much more lighter energies when I received a session from her. The entities still tried to visit my home last night but then left and they have not come back. Last night I slept very well. I could sense the angels protecting me. The feeling in my entire home is different; it feels everything (entities) have really left and there is a sense of new beginning. I was quite tired the next day but feeling very light. I am laughing all the time, it is a deep belly laughter. My mission in life got much more clarity. I also feel so free. I was very impressed with this entity removal session – I have never felt that emotional pain can really be removed! My belief in healing is certainly restored. I feel different at all levels. I feel so amazing. Thank you so very much.

Kirsi, Helsinki, Finland


Amazing experience. 

I saw my chakras aligning and balancing and getting cleared. Amazing experience.

Anna C, Brighton, UK


I feel completely new

Thank you Lauri for yesterday’s healing. It feels like a heavy slab has been lifted from me and it feels also I am shedding my old skin. I think my etheric body is getting stronger, I feel I am surrounded by awesome energies.

I am feeling fantastic! Thank you again.

S Aslam, New York, USA


I felt a lot of energy in the body…

During the session, I saw different bands of light, and I felt a lot of energy in the body. In the days after I felt totally expanded, high, filled with joy and bliss. I am experiencing new creativity, new visions and ideas – I have started three new large canvases. My voice sounds different; my singing opened up. Now the energies have calmed down, but I still feel expanded and connected to both myself and the divine.

Minna Silve, Oslo, Norway


Most powerful healing I have ever experienced…

I have had many sessions with Lauri, and one of them was the most powerful healing I have ever experienced, and it took place over a phone line! What I experienced is a permanent and dramatic shift in my consciousness. To me, that is the signature of mastery. Lauri is totally committed to the genuine unfolding of human consciousness. Also, his way to conduct the sessions are authentic and loving. If you long to let go of whatever is blocking your power and freedom, I strongly recommend booking a session with him.

N Harrison, London, UK


It is Magical!

I had the good fortune to work with Lauri on a number of occasions, face to face, in a group, and over Skype.

I am a half sceptic about this “super-spiritual” stuff, I like to believe it but often am worried (even during the session) that it won’t do anything for me, I might not be open enough etc …

Nevertheless, I can say that with Lauri every time something definitely happened.

Something definitely shifted each and every time.

Lauri has a great way to explain things too, straight to the point. He is super intuitive and you don’t need to tell him much but still get results. It’s kind of magical. Highly recommended.

Carmen K, Turin, Italy


I was amazed at how strong the impact was…

I had two sessions with Lauri Wild, and I was amazed at how strong the impact was. I have a lot of personal challenges in my life, and I became much calmer and relaxed about the issues I am dealing with. It feels like my resonance has shifted and that seems to affect the situations and the people around me in a positive way. I can strongly recommend Lauri’s work, which for me is very deep, genuine and valuable.

Sylvia Johannsen, Copenhagen, Denmark


Very strong energy!

Lauri was able to heal places that no one else was able to get to, places I’ve tried for years to heal. Really for the first time in my life, I’m truly excited to be here on this planet. Because of Lauri, I feel more confident, alive and willing to take a part within my own life.

Thank you, Lauri, for all of your help. You’re a blessing.

J Bushman, Seattle, USA


A powerful release of tension, anxiety and thought blocks

A powerful release of tension, anxiety and thought blocks. Resulting in much more openness and being able to feel my emotions and my heart space. Peace and gratitude. Thank you!

M Salo, Helsinki, Finland


Thank you so much, just amazing!

I have had two powerful sessions with Lauri. During the first session, I was totally blissed out and it gave me the energy to do major positive changes in my life. After the 2nd session I experienced myself as a star, it was like a light bulb was lit inside my head. So much light! My fears have been totally lifted.

Gabriela D, London, UK




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